Atonement (Heaven Sent 1)


JL Rothstein

Atonement, the first in JL Rothein’s Heaven Sent series is an epic rollercoaster ride of blood thirsty battles and soft tender moments. This is a fantasy/supernatural story where good battles evil in the age old conflict between Heaven and Hell. The O’Mara family, of nine siblings, are Heaven Sent Guardians destined to defend the souls on earth from the demons of Hell.

This story is brought to you from the perspectives of the three women in the family, Genevieve, Deborah and Kelly, who along with their six brothers are tasked with stopping the invasion of demons set to destroy the world.

Genevieve’s husband disappeared forty years ago and with every failed search for answers Gen becomes more and more desolate. When trying to save the soul of one of her charges she becomes enraged with a demon and crosses the line of condoned behaviour for a Guardian.

As events begin to unravel on earth it becomes apparent that the consequences of Gen’s actions have profound effects on everyone she cares about. Her siblings, Angels, Watchers and the demons set on revenge. JL keeps you on the edge of your seat in this page turner of a book, crossing realms, tugging on heartstrings and delivering the beginning of what will turn into an extraordinary fantasy series.

I thoroughly recommend this book if you enjoy badass heroines and heros fighting for good whilst demonstrating love and loyalty for friends, family and loved ones. I can not wait for the next in the series and am really hoping we’ll get to hear from the brothers in the family.

You can get Atonement (Heaven Sent 1) as an ebook or paperback on Amazon and JL has a website where you can get bags more information about her book, the members of the O’Mara family and also take a peek at her blogs posts about becoming an author.

There is a Youtube video that accompanies this review, you can find it by clicking on the YouTube link on the Book Blog page. I do hope you take a look, its short and sweet I promise.

Thanks for popping by.

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