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The Stray Witch


Eva Alton

The Stray Witch is the first book in The Vampires of Emberbury Series by Eva Alton. In this delightful story we meet Alba, a downtrodden wife of an abusive husband. She is stuck in her humdrum life until thrown for a loop when her husband demands a divorce. She needs to find a job and somewhere safe for her daughters. She meets a spiffingly dressed gentleman, who has been secretly watching Alba. Clarence, an aged, yet young looking, dashingly handsome vampire and his Cloister, need Alba’s help and Alba needs their sanctuary.

In agreeing to help the Cloister Alba learns she is a witch, a stray one. She is baffled, wouldn’t she know that she was a witch? And vampires? She questions her decisions and whether her choices have put her and her daughters in further jeopardy. Eva takes the reader on a witty and amusing tale as Alba discovers the, at times, dark characters within the Cloister, secret covens of witches demonstrating nefarious intentions towards her and her growing abilities as a witch.

The chemistry that Eva creates between Alba and Clarence is sweet and charming, with an undercurrent of burning desire. There is a constant unsurety as to whether they will take their friendship and blooming romance to something more and in order to find out you will have to read the book.

This is a beautifully written book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading and I am looking forward to seeing how Eva expands on the story in the sequel. If you are looking for a slow burn romance between witches and vampires that is witty with amusing banter then this is a definite read for you.

The Stray Witch is available through Amazon as an ebook and paperback and also through a variety of outlets as an audio book. Eva has a website where you can find out more about The Stray Witch and her vampire series.

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