The Back Up Plan: Giving up? Or moving on?


Elsie McArthur

Elsie McArthur’s debut novel The Back Up Plan is a midlife romance story set between the city of Glasgow and the rugged Highlands of Scotland. We meet Marsaili McKenzie a 30-something struggling actress who is working as a barmaid at the Pantheon Theatre in Glasgow. She finds herself somewhat directionless as her acting career flounders and notices that she is increasingly homesick for the family comforts of her childhood home in the wilds of the Scottish Highlands.

Just as Marsaili reluctantly returns to Glasgow after a visit home she meets Will, her new boss. He’s handsome, extremely English, well-to-do and completely socially inept and awkward. Whenever he speaks to her he manages to say the wrong thing and Marsaili isn’t sure how to take to him. At the same time she meets the charismatic and charming lead actor, Euan. Euan sweeps Marsaili off her feet and so begins the tangled web that becomes her love life.

As we move through the story with her, Marsaili realises she must make some life changing decisions, ones that will impact not only her career but also have a profound effect upon her heart.

This is a richly descriptive novel by Elsie, she has created a main character that is so relatable in her insecurities and doubts about love, life and happiness. She also guides us on a tour of Scotland where the stunning scenery comes to life on the pages in front of you. I fell in love with this adorable story and if you are looking for page turning, easy read romance to while away some hours then please read The Back Up Plan.

You can find The Back Up Plan on Amazon as an ebook or paperback and Elsie can be seen on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you enjoyed this review blog please consider watching my video review of the book on YouTube.

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