Allison Martine

Dibs by Allison Martine is a contemporary romance with a smattering of rom-com thrown in. It is Allison’s debut novel and the first in her Bourbon Books Series.

We meet the lovely, self-deprecating, Olivia Markham. A woman who has had to change her whole life in order to move on from the heartbreak of divorce to her college sweetheart. Olivia lived with constant rejection by her husband until his cheating ways led to divorce. This left Olivia lacking confidence in herself so much so that she is now unable to recognise flirty banter when faced with it.

Olivia is sent on a 2 week conference to Texas for work, where her bubbly blonde roommate calls ‘dibs’ on their attractive male colleague. Olivia is happy to let her roommate have all the fun until it becomes quite clear that their handsome colleague would rather share a glass of bourbon in the hot-tub with Olivia instead.

This is a really sweet, easy read romance. Allison has excelled in creating a slow burn undercurrent of desire between the two main characters. Their dynamic is witty and flirty and uncomfortable for Olivia, giving rise to some amusing thoughts from the main character. The story, along with both the main and supporting characters, is fun and enjoyable in this well rounded and delightful romance.

If you are looking for an easy read adorable romance, that isn’t too steamy, then this is a book you should add to your ‘To Be Read’ list. You can pick it up through Amazon as an ebook or paperback, and if you enjoyed this blog review then please take a peek at the video review on YouTube.

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