End of Summer Releases

What’s new on the scene for the end of this strange summer of 2020?

As the summer begins to wind down, for some of us (who live in Scotland) quicker than others, I thought I’d start a New Releases feature. I’ll feature 8 new books that have recently or are about to be published. Most of them are by independent authors, some releasing their first books, others releasing a second and one or two by more established authors. I haven’t read or reviewed any of these books, I just wanted to share with you some new authors and titles that are out there for your reading pleasure.

Mendicant (Song of the Sword Book 2) by Brain Shotton

In the shadows of New Orleans, evil hunts children. And Dee, a one-time Voodoo princess, has discovered why. There is a dark connection between the missing boys and the church. It is a connection only the Scion can sever, but Scott’s powers are failing him and he’s running out of time. Now, he races to expose the church’s corruption in time to save Dee, the boys, and his friends. But in saving them will he lose himself.

The Song of the Swords series are marketed in the Horror genre of books.

Mendicant was released in July 2020 on Amazon and has already received great reviews on both Amazon and Goodreads. I will be reviewing book 1, Sojourner, in September.

The De-Coding of Jo: Hall of Ignorance 1 (Ascending Angel Academy) by Lali A. Love

The De-Coding of Jo is a mix of fantasy, paranormal and science fiction with a diverse, gender inclusive cast for young adult readers.

Ever since the fatal night her mother was taken hostage by a homicidal maniac, sixteen-year-old Jo has been plagued by debilitating nightmares. As she tries to unravel her bleak reality while attending Forest Hill Academy, a preppy co-ed private school, Jo and her friends discover a mysterious gateway into a Black Hole. Accidentally, evil is released from the portal as demonic parasites spread throughout the school. One by one they turn her classmates into an army of sleepwalkers, serving the Lord of Darkness in a sinister plot for universal domination.

When Jo is activated by the Council of Light, she discovers her mission and confronts her celestial identity, revealing the mystery of existence. With the help of her best friends and a Galactic Compass, Jo unleashes the cosmic powers of creation to prevent the Darkness from enslaving all of humanity into obscurity. Will she be able to decode the artificial system in time to save her friends and the sacred Light?

The De-Coding of Jo was published on the 1st August 2020 on Amazon and is already accruing great reviews.

Once Upon a Flarey Tale by Kirsten Mortensen

Marion Flarey is in trouble. She’s in debt. And unemployed. And single. And that new apartment she just learned about? It’s a Tower. Which may mean her Prince is on his way? Or it may mean… That Fairy Tales are real?

Kirsten Mortensen’s Once Upon a Flarey Tale is set to be released this month, joining her other books that include romcoms, light romances, romantic suspense and other short stories. At present you can find out more about her book on her website.

Butter Chicken: The Key to a Treasure by Akshay K Saxena

5 friends, who met 3 years back in a Delhi University college are now like the annual budget of India and inflation-‘inseparable’. 3 boys- Giani, Vivaan, Pauwa and 2 girls- Aarzoo and Shayasta; form what they call the ‘Gang’.
They are out for dinner to celebrate the much awaited culmination of their final examinations, but from within they all experience myriad of emotions as they don’t know what the future holds for them and their friendship.
For dinner; they order the specialty of that eatery and it turns out to be the most popular Indian delicacy – ‘BUTTER CHICKEN’. 
This scrumptious preparation has given joy to millions through its delectable flavour; but what it gave to our ‘Gang’ was the key to a treasure. 
What seemed like an end of a beautiful friendship turns out to be the beginning to a roller coaster of a journey; full of adventure, thrill and self discovery. 
Hop on and unlock the mystery as these diametrically opposite characters travel together across the majestic Indian landscape to find this treasure !

PS: Except for the inciting incident, the book is totally vegan friendly.

Butter Chicken is a short story and newly released to Amazon.

The Hidden Scar: Tokophobia by Sabrina Oyinloye

The consequences of a one night of passionate encounter forced a reclusive, professional soccer player to reckon with a scar so deep, and a past deeply buried for seventeen years.

The Hidden Scar is the latest release by Sabrina Oylinloye and is set to be published on 31st August on Amazon.

Building the Dream by Andrea Warrilow

Building The Dream follows the lives of Carrie and Caleb as they build their Animal Sanctuary in the South of England. Cliff Top Farm is their new home, their dream is to make it a safe haven for any animal in need. We follow them as they build friendships, build their sanctuary and build their relationship. From cheeky Shetland ponies to escapee goats, ageing equines to newborn pups, any animal that needs help is welcome. They experience everything from birth through to death in their first year, learning as they go, from the team of staff and friends they find along the way.

Animals form the backdrop for this novel, as well as providing some jeopardy and humour, but the real story is about the human relationships that are formed. With romance, grief, jealousy and joy this story should appeal to anyone, not just animal lovers.

Building the Dream is Andrea Warrilow’s second book, it was released on the 9th August and is available now through Amazon. It is a standalone but follows the lives of the characters from her debut novel Cleaning the Slate, which I will be reviewing next month.

Since September by Allison Martine

Most brides dream of planning every last detail of their wedding. Not Olivia Markham. She’d been down the aisle once already and regretted that decision, along with every other judgment call connected with her unfaithful ex. But she also never planned on falling for Adam Burkhardt, who proposed sooner than anyone could have guessed.
So when Adam suggests letting their mothers suss out the particulars for their big day, Olivia agrees, hoping it will assuage their mothers’ trepidation towards their upcoming union. She even relents to having a bachelorette weekend, for the sake of her friends.
Olivia shall endure more nuptial nonsense and play bride once again.
They should have eloped.

Since September is Allison Martine’s second book in the Bourbon Books series. It will be released on Amazon on the 1st September and is available now to pre-order. I thoroughly enjoyed the first book, Dibs and you can read my review from a few weeks ago.

Lovable Lawyer by Karen Deen

Love scares me.
Yet secretly I long for it
But don’t we all.

The funny thing about life, is its habit of changing in a moment.
A split second in time that completely blindsides you.

Lex is a cut-throat lawyer.
Always focused and in control.
There are no colors in his life. Black and white with no in between.
Cold and ruthless in his work, his life is sorted, and his path is clear.

Then the unthinkable happened.
One night my armor slipped.
I met the real him.
And I let him meet the real me.

It was wonderful.


Except happy endings have a way of escaping me.
And sometimes epiphanies cause heart break.

Which means for Lex to find his happiness,
I may have to sacrifice mine.

Karen Deen has written a number of steamy romances of which Private Pilot is my favourite. She will be revealing the cover of her new release on 26th August and the book, Lovable Lawyer will be published on 13th September.

I hope there is something there to tempt you into buying another great read. I will post this feature again in the autumn as more fantastic stories are brought to us by talented authors.

Thanks for popping by.

All the blurbs for the books are taken directly from Amazon or the authors website and are not my version of them.

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