JB Lexington

Author Bio

JB Lexington is the author of Forever Eve and the soon to be released sequel, After Eve.

JB Lexington is a romance writer, her debut novel Forever Eve is a steamy romance, with a Past Life Regression aspect, difficult and turbulent times for the main character Izabel and a storyline that will quite honestly, blow you away. The sequel, After Eve is set to be released in December and I am, quite frankly, itching to read it. You can read my review of Forever Eve here on my blog if you haven’t already read the book.

JB lives with her husband, 2 children and 2 dogs, in Toronto, Ontario. She and her husband own a very successful construction business that keeps her busy, where they can be found consistently working 10 plus hour days. JB is proud to be part of a team of people who create ‘iconic spaces’ in her city. When asked how she is able to juggle her family life, work and writing, JB related to me, in a philosophical manner, that ‘time for me is fluid and infinite, it’s a by-product of success.’ She feels the same way about writing her books, saying that she wants to create something that she can be proud of and that hopefully others will enjoy reading.

JB started writing Forever Eve six years ago. She had finished reading a series of books in the same genre and found that she was disappointed with how the female main character was portrayed. Although she feels that it is important for books to represent self and sexual discovery and the trials and tribulations that go along with it, she felt this series had not allowed this for the female character and instead shown her to be meek and unaware of herself as a woman. She had closed the covers of the book, turned to her husband and stated she was going to write a book herself. And so the journey of Forever Eve began.

When asked if she has a favourite spot to settle down and concentrate on writing JB admits that most of Forever Eve was written on her iphone while she sat on the sidelines at her children’s sporting events or music lessons. She would then patch her notes together at the end of the night sitting in front of her laptop. Now she finds comfort in the chaos of distractions that life brings and this is how she focused on writing the sequel.

Forever Eve could be classed as being part of the ‘erotica’ genre for its steamy and sexually explicit scenes, both set in the past and present parts of the story. JB’s love of erotica fiction came about after reading The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy by A.N. Roquelaure (Anne Rice). She admires how Rice was able to create expertly written scenes with explicit sex over and over again without repetition, and how she was able to draw the reader into a fantasy of being out of control with no power over oneself. JB suggests that now as a writer, she can appreciate these books more for the content, that they have taught her to be bold in her writing and not to hold back. She feels holding back deprives the writer of artistic integrity and is patronizing to the reader.

Past Life Regression therapy is a catalyst for the main character in Forever Eve to give her the impetus to change her current situation. I found this to be a very intriguing element to the story. JB has always believed that she wasn’t ‘new to the world’ so when she started writing Forever Eve she knew that she had to include it. She attended of few PLR sessions as research for the book, to understand the processes and although she didn’t experience anything dramatic, no she wasn’t a former tyrannical king with many wives and lovers, the encounter has left her with a desire to learn more about her subconscious narrative.

Jb divulged that when she first started writing Forever Eve the story just poured from her and some aspects of her own life and personal dialogue have been included in the story, although she sneakily kept those to herself. When writing the sequel, After Eve, JB confesses that there were times when she had to walk away from the computer because she has become so emotionally invested in the story. She has created ‘relationships between the characters [that] are so dynamically potent and once again they’re faced with poignant obstacles that are crucial to their growth.’

After Eve has been hidden away for the last 5 years and was only dusted off once Lexington signed with a new publisher, Hadleigh House Publishing. When asked how her partnership with Hadleigh House came about JB says she found them on Twitter back in November of last year. She was bringing Eve back to life and looking for a new publisher to take her book in a new direction. A driving force behind JB signing with them was that they are a female owned and operated company. Something that appealed to her as a female businesswoman in a male dominated business arena. Admitting to being a ‘huge proponent of women supporting women and also their business model of author partnership was a new concept and direction I was looking to move towards and take a risk on.’ Hadleigh House Publishing now publish Forever Eve and will be releasing After Eve in December 2020.

“The horizon is pregnant with the setting sun, and the view from my vantage point is where I’m meant to be forever.”

After Eve by JB Lexington

When not writing JB Lexington claims to be a very good cook, her and her husband hosted dinner parties a couple of times a month, pre-covid that is, and she is looking forward to being able to take her friends on more culinary adventures in the future. She is also obsessed with dogs and would (lottery win dependent) quite happily open a sanctuary for dogs who haven’t been fortunate enough to have found their forever homes. Lastly she revealed to me that she is completely obsessed with drag queens and wishes she was one.

Thank you to JB Lexington for taking the time to speak to me for this author bio. If you haven’t yet read Forever Eve then I highly recommend you do and look out for After Eve in the near future.

Click the link here to find out where you can buy your own copy of Forever Eve.

Thanks for popping by.

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