Krovs Into Darkness


M. Lee Woe

Krovs Into Darkness by M. Lee Woe is a dark supernatural story that taps into the age old tale of good versus evil. Here Woe cleverly uses that premise to split society into two sections. The Light Sector, where good resides and the Dark Sector of Obsidian City, where sex, drugs and free will, is seen to be evil.

The story focuses on Tristan, a man weighed down with misery after losing both his parents in a short space of time. He is addicted to drugs and sex as a way to drown out the sorrow in his life. Unbeknownst to him the female Krovs, led by the powerful Kamilla, who reside in Obsidian City, have been training him as their sex slave and in doing so have infected him with a virus that makes him dangerous to human women.

At a particularly low point he meets the beautiful, innocent and trapped Serene, a human, young woman from the Light Sector who yearns to break free from the constraints of her world and her mother’s dominance.

They pursue a whirlwind romance and the story follows their journey as they must face up to the consequences of their actions and try to survive in a world hiding the secrets of the supernatural Krov society.

I enjoyed the twists and turns of this story as well as the underlying premise of what is good can be bad and equally what is bad can be good. Not everything is good within the Light Sector, with their strict rules over women and how Serene is desperate to escape the abusive behaviour of her mother. Also there are pockets of goodness within the dark in the form of good souls.

I was slightly disappointed with the ending of the story, M. Lee has left it wide open for the sequel, which is understandable however, I felt a little flat after finishing the final page. Overall Krovs was a really good read and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a complicated romance, with steamy bedroom scenes and a plot that keeps you guessing until the end.

Krovs is available through Amazon as an ebook and paperback and if you fancy taking a look I have also recorded a video review which you can view over on YouTube.

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