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An Independent publishing house that works on equal footing with their authors through their Author Partnership Model.

Hadleigh House Publishing is a new publishing house in the literary world. They are the force behind two of the books I have reviewed, Forever Eve by JB Lexington and Not that Girl by Alisha Perkins. Alisha Perkins, along with Allison Mann and Anna Biehn are the three strong minded, hard working women who have come together to create a new concept in publishing: the Author Partnership Model.

They opened for business with a soft launch in December of 2019, after some local media appearances in the Twin Cities at the beginning of 2020 things began to pick up for them and since then they have been going from strength to strength.

They explained to me that with traditional publishing the author is most likely to give away control of their book to receive little in royalties. In self publishing, either going completely alone or with a small boutique publisher, the author maintains control but is often left with little more than a pile of books. Looking at these two sides to the publishing coin, with Alisha and Allison both writers themselves, they wanted to create something that would bring these two elements together in partnership, thus the Author Partnership Model was born.

The Author Partnership Model is exactly what is it says. Hadleigh House work together, jointly, with an author they take on board. Costs are split between HH and the author for not only bringing the manuscript to market, but also for marketing and selling the book. At the end of the day the royalties are also equally split, giving everyone the incentive to work hard.

As someone who only sees the finished article either as a paperback or an ebook, I asked the lovely ladies of Hadleigh House to give me a little more insight into what happens once a manuscript has been taken on board. The answer was ‘So. Many. Things.’ I will try to be concise with the process but the main point to make is that the author is involved every step of the way.

Whilst the manuscript is in the first round of editing they work with the authors in their ‘Blue Print Process’ – developing social media platforms and marketing plans. It is also here that they begin to work on cover design and layout.

During the next round of editing, work goes on in the background to secure ISBN and Library of Congress numbers, drafting the front and back cover copy and working on a launch plan.

As the launch day gets closer more work is done to secure reviews, develop press releases and finalise launch plans.

With that going on in the background HH will be working on interior design and layout, proofreading, correcting and getting proof copies.

The ladies admit that the whole process is fun and exciting and very hands on for the Hadleigh House authors.

With the ease in which an author can now self publish, I queried with them what the benefits are for working with a publishing house. They couldn’t answer for other publishing houses but for Hadleigh House the reply was simple: Partnership. They fully appreciate that going alone can result in success, but it can become a full time job marketing a book alone. They view being in partnership with an author as a way of sharing responsibilities, guiding an author through an unknown and complicated process and supporting each title they publish.

I not only wanted to get to know how the publishing aspect works but I also wanted to get to know the women that are the driving force behind this new publishing house, so I asked if they would divulge some secrets.

Allison Mann, Alisha Perkins and Anna Biehn

Allison Mann is the Chief Executive Officer. She is the co-author of the award winning book, The Girls are Gone. Not only is she a writer, a mother and a wife but also has a career as a paralegal.

Fitting writing into her busy schedule is difficult and Allison says she is often struck with a creative thought at the most inopportune times, for instance whilst driving, in the shower or during a swim meet. So she has learnt to always have a notebook and pen with her and uses the voice recording app on her phone if she is driving. Although finding time around her young boys is difficult she tries to write something every day so that the words in her head can find their way to the page. She also admits that coffee is a major force behind keeping her going. She wouldn’t give much away about her Work In Progress but did say that it featured True Crime.

Alisha Perkins is the Chief Creative Officer. She is the best selling author of Running Home and Martyred and her latest book Not that Girl has just been released on to the market. Alisha is a wife, mother and speaker. She has appeared on TEDX – How Many Celebrities Does It Take To Change a Stigma, speaking out against the stigma surrounding those living with mental health issues.

When asked how she fits in writing with her busy life, Alisha confesses that she doesn’t do it very well. Creative ideas come to her all the time, but usually while she is in the middle of doing something else, such as running, in the shower or as she’s going to bed. The Covid pandemic has not helped her as she has found it even harder to have time alone from her family to let her ‘mind do it’s thing’. Alisha is currently working on a co-writing project that she says will shake things up.

Anna Biehn is Chief Operating Officer. Anna is not an author but is described as the ‘bookkeeper of this shop’ on the HH website. She has over 20 years worth of experience leading both large and small businesses. Her role at Hadleigh House, as well as being the bookkeeper, is to bring ‘clarity, simplicity and ingenuity’ in supporting the author partnership. Anna is a wife and mother, and she is also a business owner and board director. She is currently working with business authors looking to expand their platform by adding a book to their current business of speaking, marketing and consulting.

I asked whether working with two authors had inspired her to put pen to paper herself. She says that she enjoys the creative process of working with Alisha, Allison and all the Hadleigh House authors. So perhaps we may see something from her one day, who knows?

Being represented by a publishing house is the dream of all authors. I asked HH what draws them to a manuscript and makes them want to publish it. Here’s what they had to say:

This is tough. We have read a lot of manuscripts since we opened to submissions and I don’t know if there is any one specific thing. Some stories you just know the world needs to read. Whether it is inspirational, educational or just incredible we seem to have a feeling about each manuscript we’ve read. The most important thing to us at Hadleigh is that it is a manuscript that we can be proud of and excited about.

Hadleigh House Publishing

For aspiring authors out there the advice they give on seeking representation is to keep at it. Querying is a hard process to go through and not every publisher will be looking for what you have written, but just because one publisher doesn’t like it that doesn’t mean another won’t believe it to be the next best seller. So don’t get discouraged.

Hadleigh House are very excited to announce that they have three titles being released before the end of 2020.

In November they are releasing an incredible crime suspense novel that is set on the streets of Chicago. They told me to think of Chicago Fire meets Law and Order. In early December they are releasing two in a row. First, a story where a college student is forced into a project she isn’t excited about. They describe it as wonderful and will make you feel all the feelings. And their final release of the year is the one I personally am excited about, the sequel to Forever Eve. It is going to be sexy, suspenseful and (their words) ‘straight up unputdownable’.

Finally I asked them how it feels when they release a book in partnership with an author. They equate the incredible feeling of seeing an author with their book in their hands to that of watching a mother hold a newborn baby. Although they agree that correlation to be slightly dramatic, they confess that being along for the ride with an author, joining their anticipation and excitement is a truly wonderful feeling.

I would like to thank Allison, Alisha and Anna of Hadleigh House Publishing for taking time out of their extremely busy schedules to work with me on what I hope to be the first of more Publisher Bio’s. I wish them every success and look forward to reading more books from them and their authors.

Thanks for popping by.

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