Love on the Rocks


Elsie McArthur

Love on the Rocks is available on Amazon

Love on the Rocks is Elsie McArthur’s second romance novel and quite simply put is amazeballs!! Set on the remote and craggy island of Innescreag, this romance will blow you away just like the windswept landscape in which it is set.

The main character, Rachel McIntyre, is a woman who, seeking to change her life, takes a job as a manager of a struggling distillery on a remote and rugged island in the Scottish Hebrides. Within months of being in the position and still trying to find her feet, the owner of the distillery passes away, unexpectedly leaving it to Rachel. Facing a takeover attempt from a multinational corporation and the advances of the handsome lawyer sent to seal the deal, Rachel must decide what is the right course of action to take. She not only has the fate of the workers in her hands but also has to guard her already battered heart from more hurt.

Elsie McArthur has woven an impressive tale that takes the reader along on an emotional journey with all the characters of this book. The main character is funny and fiesty and extremely self-deprecating. Elsie wonderfully captures the fears and doubts of so many women as they navigate the challenges of new relationships whilst still struggling to abandon the baggage of old ones. The secrets kept by Rachel and Duncan, the handsome lawyer, cause doubts and hurt on both sides.

Although the story is told from Rachel’s point of view, every character within this story comes to life and is an integral part of the storyline in which the reader becomes highly invested. Elsie has created a community of support for her characters in such a way that I am saddened that I can not actually visit the wind blown island of Innescreag.

There are both highs and lows in this story, I laughed out loud at some of the very down to earth and quippy lines that are Rachel’s thoughts when she first meets Duncan and I was left with a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye at some of the heartfelt and tender moments.

If you are a lover of any kind of romance novel then you really must pick up a copy of Love on the Rocks. In fact, pick up Elsie’s first novel, The Back Up Plan as well, you won’t be disappointed.

Love on the Rocks is available through Amazon as a paperback and ebook. I have as always, recorded a video review of this lovely story, which you can watch over on YouTube.

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