Praetorian Rising


J. McSpadden

“She was there – somewhere inside the broken membrane of her fractured self – and he
would do whatever it took to find her again.” J. McSpadden

Praetorian Rising by J. McSpadden is book one in a series of four. It is an action fantasy adventure story that is aimed at the Young Adult market but I believe can be enjoyed by fantasy adventure lovers of all ages.

Camille Scipio wakes in a village one morning with no memory of who or what she is. Secrets abound all around her and for nearly a year she tries her best to fit into a village that is less than welcoming toward her. After a devastating attack on the village by a red eyed creature, Camille is whisked away by a tall, handsome and intimidating figure, to continue a journey she had no idea she had been on before.

Thrown into a situation where her memories come back in pieces, she learns of a tyrannical High King and his Regent, creatures that ravage people and infect them with a terrible virus, super strength Praetorian soldiers, a kingdom in turmoil and a love from her past. She must choose to run or fight with the people desperate to keep her safe.

This is a fast paced, action filled adventure that leaves the reader thirsty for more. So many questions remain unanswered that I was disappointed to reach the end of the book. This is so cleverly done by the author as it will absolutely have me lining up for the next in the series when it comes out next year.

The author wonderfully sets the scenery for this adventure, with rich descriptions that make the reader feel as if they are participating in the story. The characters are so well written that I journeyed along with Camille as she navigated through her uncertain present, desperately trying to come to terms with the snippets of her past that come back to her in fragments. The relationships created between Camille, the intimidating stranger and the love from her past is very well done, again leaving the reader full of questions and uncertainties.

I thoroughly enjoyed this adventure and would highly recommend it for any lover of intrigue, action, fantasy adventure and anyone who likes to unravel a story as it happens.

You can find Praetorian Rising on Amazon as an ebook and paperback and there is video review available to view on YouTube.

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