The Vampire’s Assistant


Eva Alton

Prequel to The Stray Witch by Eva Alton

The Vampire’s Assistant is a novella that prequels The Vampires of Emberbury Book 1The Stray Witch‘ which is one of the first books that I reviewed for Bedside Book Review.

This novella is written in the same light and easy way as ‘The Stray Witch’, it is a quick little story to read and absolutely can be read as a standalone book. However, be warned, if you pick up this book you will be completely drawn into Eva Alton’s world of vampires and witches.

Julia is a war widow who is stalked at her husband’s ’empty’ graveside, captured by vampires who reside in the Cloister at Emberbury and given a choice. Live and work for them, learn how to be a witch and master her magic or join her dead husband in the afterlife. Choosing to live Julia seeks answers to find out what happened to the body of her husband and in the process becomes enamored with one of the vampires that captured her in the first place.

Ludovic is a dashing and charming Italian vampire who swore to never fall in love with a witch again. Will he follow his own vow? You must read the book to find out.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novella and would have liked it to have been longer. I found the character of Julia to be fiesty and determined and was very sorry to see the end pages of the book. The chemistry that Eva creates between Julia and Ludovic is electric and really has the reader wanting more.

I am very happy that the next book in the Vampires of Emberbury series is due out soon. I would highly recommend that if you haven’t yet picked up one of Eva’s books that you do so soon. You can purchase The Vampire’s Assistant and The Stray Witch now, and Witch’s Mirror is available to pre-order through Amazon. I already have my pre-order in.

Available through Amazon
Available to pre-order now

You can also watch a video version of the review on YouTube.

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