Ashes Ashes


Murphy Morrison

Ashes Ashes by Murphy Morrison is a crime fiction novel with burning deceit and betrayal, murder, intrigue and numerous twists and turns in the plot. A hot potato of a read, you’ll be prepared to burn your fingers rather than put the book down.

Lieutenant Charlie McMahon lives for his job, putting out fires is what he does, until one night his squad attends a house fire to find women chained to the walls. The identification of one of these women sends Charlie and his already chaotic family, reeling.

Detective Jeff Foley, a man with a dark past he is desperate to keep hidden, is given the case to solve. Somehow his estranged brother seems to be connected. Jeff battles with how to solve the case, doing what is right and keeping his family safe.

Talia Griffin is a loyal and fiesty nurse, caring for one of the burn victims from the fire. She becomes embroiled in the case through Charlie’s personal investigation and when she discovers her father, Jeff Foley’s partner, is also investigating the gruesome goings on at the burned down property.

I could not put this book down. I was hooked from the very beginning with the intrigue and then completely engrossed as the author unravels a tightly wound ball of mystery and plot twists. The characters are so likeable, or hateable for the villains. It is fast paced and a fairly quick read, with constant developments to keep you gripped. I was however, slightly deflated at the very end, perhaps because I was enjoying the story so much I didn’t want it to end so quickly? But that did not detract from how much I enjoyed reading this new crime thriller. I would definitely recommend this for the crime fiction lover, especially those who like to be kept guessing as to ‘who done it’.

Ashes Ashes will be released on November 17th 2020. It is available through Barnes and Noble and Amazon for pre-order. Thank you to Hadleigh House Publishing for making an ARC available for me to read ahead of the release.

You can find my video review of this book over on YouTube.

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