Halloween Horrors

A Selection of Halloween reads from Vampires and Witches to Ghosts and the Obscure.

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Anyone who knows me as a reviewer will know that I do not read horror. There is something about the genre that I just can’t connect with due to an experience I had in my late teens. I’ll try and keep the story brief. I was reading a book by either Stephen King or Dean Koontz, I can’t actually remember the story or who the author was – I think I’ve blocked it from my mind.

What I do remember is how the book made me feel. Mid way through the story, I was woken in the night with a nightmare. I was clammy and very shaken by whatever it was that had woken me. I went to the bathroom to splash water on my face and on returning to my room, in the dark, I became disoriented and trapped between my bedroom door and the wardrobe (we lived in Germany at the time and my room was very tiny). I started to panic and hyperventilate. Luckily my mum heard the commotion I was making and rescued me, I even had to do the whole paper bag thing to bring my breathing back to normal. I do know that I did not sleep for the rest of the night, nor did I sleep well for a while after. Needless to say I didn’t finish the book.

Since then I have steered clear of the horror genre, even in movies. With an overactive dream imagination I am reluctant to tempt fate in case I experience something like that again. So you might ask why I am including a feature that promotes Halloween reads? Simple really. Through my blog and the Writing Community on Twitter I have met some wonderful authors of books I have to sadly decline to review. I wanted to do my bit to show how much I appreciate their contribution to the writing world. I may not enjoy horror, or things that go bump in the night but many, many of you do.

Witch’s Mirror by Eva Alton

No this isn’t a horror, but what would Halloween be without a Witch and Vampire story? This book is set to be released on the 21st October and is available for pre-order.

Working for vampires is not an easy job.
Especially when they insist on signing contracts with your blood.

Alba was never one to disobey, but being bitten by her boss was not on her to-do list.

Stray witch Alba is about to defy a vampire queen’s rules in order to undertake a journey to Italy in search of her witch ancestors, while Clarence seems to be having some mysterious vampire trouble he won’t share with anyone…

Alba’s quest might open a well-hidden Pandora’s box which can put at risk the lives of those she loves the most… but might also teach her about magic, love, and the many things you can do with a mirror.

Embark into a magical trip to Lake Como, find out more about Clarence’s past in Victorian London, meet a coven of Italian witches, and spend a magical night with a ghost (or two).

Witch’s Mirror is book 2 of the The Vampires of Emberbury series, you can see reviews for The Vampire’s Assistant – a prequel, and The Stray Witch here on my blog.

Kerwall Town by S.D. Reed

After two strangers appear in the dilapidated 70s’ town of Kerwall, the lives of every resident change. Members of the community are forced together as the number of bodies and secrets increase with every passing moment. As tensions rise and the inhabitants reach breaking point the question is raised: is it Kerwall’s newcomers draining its inhabitants or are they simply slipping through the cracks which have existed all along. With knowledge as their only tool against the world’s deadliest predator, the hunt for power commences. Kerwall’s hope rests on the shoulders of its youngest residents, forcing them into the depths of the earth, questioning everything they’ve ever known.Will Kerwall ever be safe, or is the whole town trapped in the grasp of these outsiders?Warning: DO NOT ENTER ALONE. Drag someone with you and if you are unable make sure to leave with your sanity in tact.This nod to classic horror will leave you feeling as isolated as every character, constantly checking over your shoulder until the very last pages. Beginning the universe in which Reed’s future novels will take place, Kerwall Town demonstrates the scope of genres which can be expected from him going forward.

Kerwall Town is S.D. Reed’s second novel and is a nod to his biggest inspiration, Stephen King. It holds a mirror up to society to show just how evil humans can be. Due to be released in the next few days, you can pre-order a copy through Amazon.

Savage Days by Kyle Van Dongen

Residents of a small farming community, already struggling to survive in the aftermath of nuclear war, face a new threat when a terrifying creature emerges from the woods and takes a child from her bed. A trio of broken people, including the missing girl’s grief-stricken mother, an aging scavenger, and a surly hunter, must learn to work together and utilize their limited resources to slay the beast and return peace to the community.

Van Dongen’s post-apocalyptic horror has received rave reviews for his world building and well written, realistic characters. A must for post-apocalyptic fans by the look of it.

Fear Farm, No Tresspassers by S.J. Krandall

Within one year, reports of several missing people took over the media. The victims, all had ventured to parts of the deep wooded countryside never to return. Rumors, posted from local townsfolk, of what might have happened to them caught the attention of the public. Some said the undead may have taken them. Others believed that quick changes in weather patterns played part in their disappearances. A survivor, the only witness, was committed for madness as her story went uncredited. Even though some information was strange investigators, family, friends and adventure seekers all looked into them finding nothing. The lack of any evidence baffled the minds of the people involved as they continued to search for answers. Among them, a young woman so obsessed with these stories in her past that her own nightmares become a reality as she stumbles upon unspeakable horrors playing out before her very own eyes. Are they made up in her mind? Are they a dream? Or is she next? Whether real or fantasy, a story was unfolding before her and she could not stop the images that played out as she confronts who or what was responsible for these individuals grotesque fate.

This book of ‘captivating and creepy’ short stories has amazing reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. One review likened it to having the ‘feels of the Walking Dead’, another said it gave her the ‘full body chills’. A definite Halloween goodie then.

Bang to Begin by Jethro Weyman

Reality is Relative.

There is no such thing as universal truth.

But lies are always lies.

From auctions to assassinations, from cosmos to subconscious mind, the roots feeding into these short stories start fine, but thicken and tangle as they grow deeper.

Follow these wayward souls through their darkest moments, each beginning with a bang and each trying desperately to avoid ending with the same.

A metaphysical, visionary exploration of the human psyche and all that it means to be real – discussed via an anthology with a difference.

Weyman’s short stories have been described as a crossover between many genres, sci-fi, thriller, mystery and horror. Not your typical horror stories but ones that make you think and are utterly captivating according to the reviews. Why don’t you grab a copy to see for yourself?

The Pact by Brandon Reeder

Eden is a picturesque small town in Indiana, where the corn grows tall and the tea is sweet. As with many beautiful things, something more complex lies beneath the surface. A devastating loss drives Cole Harris, a local bad boy teenager, deep into the realm of darkness. As he begins to spiral out of control, he stumbles upon things he wished he never unearthed. Now, with the help of an unsuspected friend, and faced with the responsibility of an unreal task, will Cole be overtaken by evil, or will he rise up to be a hero for Eden?

Reviews say that Reeder has created an unlikely hero in Cole, that the book is a fast paced read and un-put-downable. This is more of a supernatural story than spooky but fits well with the Halloween theme.

Repetition by C.L. Sidell

Two ghosts. One curse. Desperate for a fresh start, Marche Baker moves into the vacant house on Victor Street. Yet all is not right. A lady cloaked in black begins to haunt her daughter’s dreams, while Marche experiences gruesome hallucinations. Then she makes a startling discovery—the women who have resided at her address have a bloody habit of dying prematurely. The natural and supernatural collide as Marche races to unearth the secrets buried within her home’s walls. Can she save herself and her daughter? Or is history bound to repeat itself?

What list of Halloween books is complete without a ghost story? Highly recommended by reviewers, this book is creepy and full of tension. A page turner of a book to satisfy all you lovers of things that go bump in the night.

There has to be something there for all you lovers of the spooky, supernatural or horror genres. If you find something you love let me know via Twitter, would love to know I’ve encouraged someone to pick up one of the books I’ve featured. Stay safe this Halloween.

Thanks for popping by.

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