No Longer Me


Ally Parkes

No Longer Me is the debut novel by Ally Parkes. It is a true-to-life fiction novel about a woman, who in her late twenties, with a full and content life, is given a devastating diagnosis.

The story is told from the point of view of Chloe, an NHS practitioner, enjoying her single life as she plans for an adventurous future. At the start of the story Chloe begins to experience some minor issues with her hearing and balance that lead her to make an appointment with her GP. What she presumed was a simple matter turns out to be nothing short of a life altering diagnosis.

This story is excellently put together to retell the traumatic and heartbreaking tale of how Chloe approaches major surgery and then her long and oftentimes brutally difficult road to recovery. Knowing that the author herself is putting into fiction her own experiences makes this book all the more emotive and I had a lump in my throat for a good portion of the book.

Towards the end of the story the author cleverly adds in the addition of a romantic interest to help move the story on, however, for me personally, I found the true-to-life element of the book far more appealing.

I would highly recommend this novel for anyone who enjoys a heart felt, road to recovery journey, in the fictional sense. However, I feel that those who have had a difficult diagnosis and are struggling with their own recovery may find this piece of writing inspirational in helping them alter their outlook. It truly is an inspiration and I would like to thank the author for putting into words, in her way, the journey she took to overcome something so life changing and to show that survival is possible.

No longer Me is available through Amazon. Thank you to Ally for sending me a beautiful signed copy of her book to review. You can also see a video review over on YouTube.

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