Ginger Lee

3001 by Ginger Lee is a dystopian, science fiction, fantasy romance novel that takes you on a journey with the main character, as she encounters the rollercoaster of emotions that come with experiencing a world new to her.

The story focuses on Rory Larken, a young widow who lives in fear of her own unique abilities. She is the keeper of the Eternal Flame at the Crossroads, a settlement in the heart of a mountain, where travellers stop to rest. One night her abilities are called on to save the life of Jacoby, a powerful man in the new world. Their connection is instantaneous and he offers to show Rory a world outside of the Crossroads. However, Jacoby is torn between following his heart and the being the man of duty that is expected of him. Will his decision lead Rory to fall into the arms of another man?

3001 is a super little story, it is a very fast, quick read as it fits a lot of action into a short amount of pages. I really liked the way the author created the characters, Rory’s growth as an individual as she experiences more of the world outside of what she is used to has been very well done. The world Ginger Lee creates is fascinating in that she brings elements of science fiction and fantasy together.

The small twists in the plot keep the story exciting and there are some very tender and heartfelt moments as the story progresses. I very much enjoyed this story and would say it’s the perfect book to pick up in between longer reads as it’s such a quick read.

You can pick up a copy of 3001 through Amazon, as a paperback or on Kindle Unlimited. A video review is also available on YouTube.

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