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S.D. Reed is the author of a new vampire/horror story on the market, Kerwall Town. It was released on 18th October and is already receiving rave reviews. This is the first time that I have produced an author bio for an author whose book I have not read. Why haven’t I read it you may ask? Well it’s a scary story and those of you who follow my blog will know, I don’t read those. S.D. even said himself that it gave a few of his beta readers nightmares (for which he apologises, whilst grinning), so unfortunately I have to pass on his wonderful book. I did feature it in my Halloween Horrors blog post, so you can check it out there.

S.D. or Seb as he is also known, is a man who likes to make people laugh as well as scare them with his new novel. If you are lucky enough to know him as an enthusiastic supporter of the Writing Community on Twitter you will know that he is a lover of making bad, but funny ‘dad’ jokes and a pun out of most situations. I believe his admiration for the great Robin Williams has a lot to do with his sense of humour.

Seb lives in the UK with his fiance, a princess cat called Mitzy and a prince pup called Boe. He is blessed with an incredibly supportive family who have made his journey as a writer much easier. Seb started writing at a young age, but it wasn’t until he was at college and under the tutelage of his English Teacher, Mrs Power, that he realised that writing was something he could actually do. Having the support of his first believers; his teacher and his gran, gave a great boost to him and now he is happy to say that he has quite a few cheerleaders, including Footnotes Management, for whom he’d be lost without all their backing.

Having always been an avid reader of Stephen King it is no surprise that Seb has written what he describes as a horror/fantasy thriller novel. Not having read the book I asked if Seb could share what the story is about. He reiterated that if you are of a nervous or squeamish disposition then his book is really not for you. However, for all you lovers of the spooky, scary and all things horror then Kerwall Town needs to be put on your To Be Read list immediately.

The premise of the novel is small town life… real small! The population is 917, it used to be close to thirty thousand! The town was a failed government experiment – it was branded as the town that would rebuild Briton, but it kind of just got forgotten and it became self governed. You can’t find it on any map either, as technically speaking, it doesn’t exist. One day, two people stroll up and hold a meeting where they tell the town that they are the new owners and co mayors. Things look up for a while and business starts to boom again… but where are the new residents coming from I hear you ask? (ok, you didn’t but play along). Well, not all is what it seems with the new co mayors. They just happen to be the world’s deadliest predators…. Oh, but if only that was all Kerwall was contending with! The town has many secrets, and as it’s in the shared universe of all my upcoming novels…this won’t be the last we see of some characters. It’s also set in the 70’s so lots of research went into this, which was great fun!

S.D. Reed talking about his new novel Kerwall Town

When asked where he gets his inspiration from for his characters, Seb says that most are just rattling around in his head, however, some he’ll pull from real people he spots on the street, for example, the passing stranger who inspires a vampire, or another one who makes him question ‘where are you off to?’ and so they become a character.

Seb has already mentioned that he has plans to create more novels within a shared universe, which Kerwall Town is a part of. But horror and all things scary are not the only genre of story that we can expect from the name S.D. Reed. He currently has a writing plan that takes him all the way to…wait for it…2035. He jokes that readers are ‘not getting rid of me any time soon! *evil laugh*… ok, *slightly nervous laugh*’ His present project is a comedy/science fiction mash up which is set in 90’s American Suburbia and then due for release at the end of 2021 will be a romance novel. Seb states that as an author he wishes to be known as:

The purveyor of literary icecream, so I fully intend to give you every flavour!

S.D. Reed

When not writing, which sounds like something that doesn’t happen often, Seb likes to unwind with a book. He is a great supporter of other independent authors so will often pick up a novel by a fellow writer from Twitter, or he’ll chose something by one of his favorite authors, such as J.R.R. Tolkien, Suzanne Collins, Philip Pullman or Matt Haig and Mark Haddon. However, his all time favourite is of course Stephen King.

With so many projects planned and whilst holding down a day job, I had to ask how Seb fits in the time to write and balance the rest of his life. He confessed that he’s an early riser, getting up an hour earlier and this tends to be his most productive writing time of the day. After work and the usual home-life stuff, such as dinner, he will settle for another couple of hours writing time before spending time with his fiance, watching a film or show. He admits that he is never fully able to switch off and that his writing brain tends to be always thinking of new scenarios. I think this is quite a common thing with writers.

When not reading or writing Seb is what he calls himself ‘a huge geek’. He is ever so slightly obsessed with Batman and is an avid gamer and movie goer. A favorite pastime is going on walks and visiting new towns and before the pandemic hit, visiting new countries too. A place a little closer to his Midlands home that he hopes to see next is Scotland. Maybe we’ll be able to get together for a coffee and discuss all the indie books we’ve read.

I would like to thank S.D. Reed for taking the time out of his incredibly busy schedule to speak with me. If you haven’t had chance to read his new book yet then you can find it over on Amazon.

Thanks for popping by.

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  1. Great post, Kirsti! Brilliant finding out more about Seb. I read Kerwall Town at the beginning of the week and can tell you it’s a 5 star read 🙂xx

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