Since September


Allison Martine

Sequel to Dibs, Since September is the second in the Bourbon Books Series.

Since September is the second book from Allison Martine in the Bourbon Books Series. This book runs on from Dibs, Allison’s debut novel, which I reviewed a few months ago and thoroughly enjoyed.

In Dibs Olivia, a self deprecating divorcee, meets Adam in an amusing and easy read romance tale. Since September continues their story after they fall in love with each other. They are planning their wedding in order to keep their family and friends happy. Their mothers are asked to take the weight of the planning in order to help them see that Olivia and Adam are not rushing into a marriage too soon after both had their hearts broken.

Olivia even agrees to a joint bachelor/bachelorette party to keep her friends happy. However, with each day that passes the couple begin to wonder whether they should have just eloped.

I have to admit that when I first began to read Since September I was expecting the same easy, light, funny read that I found Dibs to be. There are aspects of that same easy pace, and some amusing moments but on the whole, Since September has a much deeper feel to it. The characters are the same loveable ones that I met in the first book, yet I found I grew to love them so much more as they experienced the objections from friends and family to the speed in which they fell in love and decided to devote their lives to each other.

I found that once I got into the book I could not put it down. Allison has created an epic love between Adam and Olivia. There were a few swoony moments for me as I read some of the ways Adam expresses his love for his wife-to-be and the author has cleverly left bread crumbs for continuing this series. I for one will be pre-ordering any new Bourbon Books as soon as they are out.

You can grab your own copy of Since September, along with Dibs through Amazon. I’d recommend you read Dibs first. You can catch my video review of Since September over on YouTube.

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