After Eve


JB Lexington

Sequel to Forever Eve by JB Lexington

After Eve by JB Lexington is the second steamy installment in the story that follows the turbulent life of Izabel. It continues on from where we left Izabel at the end of Forever Eve, a book I fell in love with back in July when I read and reviewed it.

At the beginning of After Eve, Izabel has everything her heart desires. She is married to the man of her dreams, Henry. She has the career that she has worked so hard for, the love of her mother and her closest friend Natalie, and she is about to become a mom.

However, after Henry, the good hearted soul that he is, goes out to help Bo, Izzy’s troubled ex-husband, Izzy must fight to overcome the heart wrenching consequences that are left after that night.

In some cases a reader may feel a slight moment of trepidation when faced with a sequel, hoping that it will live up to the standard of the first book. In this case I knew that I was going to be blown away by the writing of JB Lexington as she continued the difficult journey that is Izabel’s life. For me, After Eve not only lived up to the first book in this series but it surpassed it. I now have a new book crush to gush over.

This story had me so enthralled that I read it in one sitting. It truly is an un-put-downable book, with a fast pace, gripping storyline and steamy sex scenes. The difficulties that Izzy has to overcome following a heartbreaking incident had me on the edge of my seat. The aftermath is gut wrenching for Izabel and her whole family and JB has crafted so beautifully the turbulent feelings of all the characters, I felt as if I were immersed within the pages of the story. A particularly tender moment with Izabel’s mother had me shedding a tear.

In Forever Eve we met Charlie and Eve, the namesake for the books, in Izzy’s Past Life Regression sessions, and I was so happy that in After Eve, we continue to learn about their story as well as Izabel and Henry’s. I’m very excited about how Charlie and Eve’s tale will continue in the next book.

So if you are a lover of a steamy romance, one that delves into darker waters and also highlights relationships between mother and daughter, between a husband and wife, between best friends and between oneself and one’s past life then this is absolutely your book.

If you haven’t yet picked up Forever Eve then I highly recommend you do before the release of After Eve in December. These stories should be read in order and I’d even say consecutively so that you can gain the full experience of JB Lexington’s wonderful writing.

After Eve is set to be released on 8th December 2020 and you can visit JB’s website for where more details of pre-ordering the book will be posted soon. Thank you to JB Lexington and Hadleigh House Publishing for supplying me with my ARC of After Eve. There is, as always a video version of my review for this book over on YouTube.

Thanks for popping by.

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