A Winter’s Cobalt Kiss


Eva Alton

Part of the Vampire’s of Emberbury world

A Winter’s Cobalt Kiss by Eva Alton is a tiny piece of magic that will have you believing in true love, fate and destiny.  This lovely novella is part of the Vampire’s of Emberbury series and is a prequel to the Stray Witch novel.  A book I reviewed back in the summer of last year.

The Witches have prophesied the end of the world on New Year’s Eve and as the millennium comes to an end, Clarence, a 200 year old vampire half heartedly attempts to break the prophecy.

Alba has returned to Emberbury to spend Christmas with her grandmother and college friends.  She is introduced to Mark Andersson, a popular guy in town.  Could he be ‘the one’? Apparently the women in Alba’s family have a gift to know if their love is true, however, Alba doesn’t seem to know whether she has this gift or not.

I absolutely loved this short but delicious story.  I would highly recommend you read Stray Witch first, for although this is a prequel I honestly believe reading this little gem after Stray Witch allows some pieces of the puzzle to fit into place and a deeper understanding of both Clarence and Alba can be gained.  I know that probably doesn’t make sense, but believe me it works very well in that order.

I read this book, purely by accident on New Year’s Eve and it had me smiling at the timing.  You don’t have to read it around the festive season, I’d say pick it up any time if you love vampires, witches and watching the magic of fate take place in front of your eyes.

A Winter’s Cobalt Kiss is available through Amazon, along with the other lovely stories in this series. You can see my video review for this novella over on YouTube and it is also available on Instagram.

Thanks for popping by.

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