Between the Lines


James Pindras

Between the Lines by James Pindras is a historical fantasy that shows how love can last through time.

Jake is a young boy when his uncle gifts him a very special book.  The story hooks Jake in and over time he begins to live between two worlds; the present day and the fantasy realm within the pages of the book.  He was warned that by reading the book he may lose himself to the extraordinary story that somehow seems to influence his real life.

Could Jake really fall in love with the mysterious heroine of the story?  Could she love him?  

Pindras’ story is comparable to fairytales of old.  Good vs Evil, magical creatures abound and an everlasting love are mingled to create a lovely read.  I read this book quickly, as I was caught up in the mystery that the author evoked just like the main character of the book is entranced by his fantasy.

I would recommend this story for anyone who enjoys a good old fashioned fairytale.  Between the Lines is available as an ebook and paperback through Amazon

A video review for this book is also available on my YouTube Channel and Instagram account.  

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