By Immortal Honor Bound


Danielle Ancona

By Immortal Honor Bound, Book 1 Of Alchemy and Angels by Danielle Ancona is a fantastic historical, mythological, fantasy romance novel.  

Malachi is an angel, a guardian, sworn to uphold the principles that keep evil at bay in a time gone by.  He guards Celestial and Mythological Gods from the corruption that is the Seraph, led by the fallen archangel Gideon.  After thousands of years Malachi is Earth Bound and meets a beautiful alchemist, Daphne Heatherton.  She is in danger from the corrupt organisation who wish to enslave humanity and destroy the Gods.

One glance at the lovely alchemist has Malachi feeling emotions he never felt before.  Will she return his devotion? Can his love for Daphne endure or will it cause a distraction which leads to dire consequences?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  For a debut novel it is beautifully written in a style that had me reminiscing on the classical history books I had to read at high school.  However, the difference being that this wonderful adventure had me completely hooked.  All the characters are so well created that I felt their emotions seeping from the pages.  The storyline is enveloped with rich descriptions that were food for the senses allowing me to be fully immersed in the tale.

For the complexities and time period in which this epic romance takes place, the story flows like sand through your fingers and in no time at all the end of the book is upon you.  I was slightly disappointed with how quickly the story was brought to a conclusion but I think that is because I was enjoying the fantasy so much.  I eagerly await the next book in the Of Alchemy and Angels series.

By Immortal Honor Bound is available through a few outlets, including Amazon and Waterstones.  There is a video version of the review over on YouTube and Instagram if you’d like to take a peek.

Thanks for popping by.

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