Witch’s Mirror


Eva Alton

Witch’s Mirror by Eva Alton is the latest book in her Vampires of Emberbury series.  A paranormal witch/vampire romance serial that has quickly become one of my favourites in this genre.

Although this is only Book 2 in the series, we have already had further glimpses into the Vampires of Emberbury world.  The two novellas; The Vampire’s Assistant and A Winter’s Cobalt Kiss, that accompany The Stray Witch and Witch’s Mirror give the reader more glimmers of information about all the characters that the author is cleverly conjuring up.

In this particular episode of the story we again follow the two main characters, Alba, the incompetent stray witch, who has taken a position as assistant to the vampires who reside in The Cloister in Emberbury.  As well as Clarence, the spiffingly, dapper and proper gentleman that also happens to be a two hundred year old vampire.

The story follows Alba as she embarks on a journey to Italy to discover more about her ‘Witchy’ traits.  In doing so she immediately breaks the rules she has taken an oath in blood to uphold.  Her journey begins with her doubts over her relationship with Clarence, who seems to be going through a mid-Vampire-life crisis.  

As we saw in The Stray Witch, wherever Alba goes there seems to be chaos following in her wake.  In the Witch’s Mirror, this is no different.  Peril ensues for herself and those that Alba cares about.  Can she save the only people who have shown her any care and consideration from a fate worse than death?

As I have made my way through the four books that so far make up this world, I have found that I have been drawn more and more into caring about the characters that Eva has created.  In the progression of this story we find greater depth of understanding into the psyche of a two hundred year old vampire who is struggling to accept his feelings for a witch.  I loved how we learned that a fierce paranormal being has such vulnerabilities. 

If you are a reader of the paranormal/romance genre you will love this book.  The romance element is charming and heartfelt.  After reading the first book I had expressed a wish for slightly more steam, however, through reading the whole series and coming to understand the characters more I now feel the expression of love that is evoked  is purely magical.

You can pick up Witch’s Mirror along with all the books that make up the Vampires of Emberbury world, as ebooks, paperbacks and audiobooks.  Take a peek at Eva Alton’s website for more information on where her books are available.

There is a video review for this book that can be viewed on YouTube and keep an eye out for a follow up blog post featuring the author herself and her Emberbury world.

Thanks for popping by.

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