Move On, Melinda


Allison Martine

Book 3 in the Bourbon Books series

Move On, Melinda by Allison Martine, is the third installment in her Bourbon Books series.  In her own words Martine describes the book as a romance for those who don’t really like romance.  I’m not entirely sure I completely agree with her, but it isn’t your typical romance trope either.

In this book the focus is on Melinda, a character that the reader has met in the previous two books which centre on Olivia Markham and Adam Burkhardt.  Melinda does not exactly endear herself to readers, especially in the second book, Since September, when she is very vocal about her opinions of Olivia and Adam’s relationship.

It is therefore very brave, or clever of the author, to have book three in the series delve deeper into Melinda’s story and character.  Move on, Melinda takes place at a work retreat for her company.  She is trapped in her boss’s car on the journey to the retreat along with the one person she has been desperately trying to avoid since her best friend’s wedding. He is irritatingly perky and as the retreat begins, always in Melinda’s line of sight.  However, all is not as you would expect in this romance, that isn’t your normal romance.

It is sometimes hard to review a book and not give anything away of the storyline so that you as the reader can discover the intentions of the author for yourselves.  What I will say is; give Melinda a chance, she’s a woman on a journey of self discovery and understanding.  No I didn’t particularly like her very much at the beginning of the book but by the end I was rooting for her.  

Yes, there is a romance aspect to this story. No, I’m not going to tell you about the love interest, you need to discover Melinda’s story for yourself.  What I found far more intriguing with this book is the uncovering of the main character’s personality, her flaws and her strengths and how she comes to the self-realisation of who she wants to be.  

This book doesn’t have the same feel as the first book in the series, which was quirky, funny and lovely.  It is even deeper than the second book that deals with acceptance.  It is a story that will have you looking at the flip side of why a person chooses certain actions. I loved it and as I read further through it I was able to see that the title has more meaning than one would initially think.

You can purchase a copy of Move On, Melinda as well as the other two books in the series, Dibs and Since September, through Amazon.  My video review for this book is available to view on YouTube now.  Thank you to Allison Martine for sending me a paperback copy of the book to read and review.

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