Brian Shotton

Mendicant by Brian Shotton is the second book in the Song of the Sword series.  It is a supernatural, theological fiction novel jam packed with action, evil intentions and good friendships.

In the first book Sojourner, that I reviewed back in September of last year, I was introduced to Scott, a Scion; a vessel gifted with powers from God to battle evil.  He learns who and what he is with the help of an old priest, a new priest, a professor and a recovering alcoholic. 

Mendicant continues Scott’s journey as he desperately tries to get to grips with the full weight of the powers he has been gifted.  They are fighting and failing him, resulting in Scott losing his confidence in his ability to wield them and defeat the demons that are walking the earth.

When boys begin to go missing Scott along with his faithful friends need to work out what kind of evil is responsible.  Can Scott find his true faith by overcoming his inner demons and become at one with his powers? Can his friends help him and discover the evil that resides within the church in New Orleans and find the missing boys before it is too late?

I was very honest with my review of Sojourner when I read it; although I enjoyed the characters and the story, I found the weight of religious explanation a little too heavy for me.  Therefore, I was a tad wary of reading Mendicant, even though the author had assured me that it didn’t contain as much explanation as the first.  

To my delight I devoured this book.  The flow of writing is fast, packed with sensory descriptions that allowed me to experience the story right along with the characters.  The narrative still contains a lot of religious elements, which is to be expected with it being a theological fiction novel.  Yet this time it does not at all halt the pace of reading, instead it enhances Scott’s turmoil and feelings.  I can now absolutely understand why the author filled the first book to the brim so that the second would run more smoothly as a supernatural fantasy novel where Good battles Evil.

I really enjoyed the changing of points of view in this story, hearing the thoughts and feelings of Scott’s friends and new characters that are brought into the book allowed me to become completely invested in them. 

Scott’s inner turmoil is palpable again as he continues his journey, he discovers so much about himself and that he cannot face his destiny alone.  I am very eager to find out what comes next for the determined Scion and his band of faithful friends in Exile – Song of the Sword Book 3.

You can grab your own copy of Mendicant, along with the first book, Sojourner through Amazon and there is a video review available now over on YouTube.

Thanks for popping by.

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