D.T. Wilby

Ringer by D.T. Wilby is classed as a techno thriller, mystery novel and is a standalone by this author.

Set in the near future, where technology allows for gene therapy to replace damaged/ailing organs, Will Wilson was given a new lease on life away from the constant drain of kidney dialysis.  

However, Will hasn’t been feeling like himself recently.  He’s experiencing terrifying night terrors and when an intruder into his home looks just like him, his whole world seems to crumble around him.

Has Will stumbled onto something sinister going on at the New Horizons company that helped him get his life back on track or is he losing his grip on reality?

This is a fantastic thriller.  The beginning is surreal and sinister and really sets the tone for the main character as he struggles to keep his head above water.  I became completely invested in not only what happened to Will but also with his doppleganger.  The suspense of their interactions had me eager to get to the end of the book.  

The author brilliantly addresses both the humanity and morality of what could happen if cloning were to be our reality.  This is a must read for any science fiction, thriller, mystery lover and those who like to read anything that has a slightly more sinister vibe. 

Grab your copy of Ringer through Amazon and please take a moment to watch my video review of this page turner over on YouTube.

Thanks for popping by.

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