Restricted and Captivated


AC Thomas

This is a double review for the first two books in The Verge series by AC Thomas.  Restricted and Captivated are super hot and steamy male on male romances set in a science fiction genre.

The Verge Book 1


Restricted, book 1 in the series focuses on Dr. Aristotle Campbell, a man desperately searching for his abducted twin brother.  He must travel to the edge of civilised space and cross the Verge into the Restricted sector in order to track down the dastardly Outlier who kidnapped his brother.  He has clues to lead the way but he needs a pilot to get him there.

Orin Stone is one such pilot who needs his luck to change so jumps at the offer made by the cravat wearing, prim and proper Dr Ari.  Sparks fly between the pair as they follow the trail left in search of his brother’s abductor.  The tension between the pair is thick and the innocent Dr Campbell soon learns what it means to be flown at the capable hands of the rogue pilot.

I absolutely loved the banter and dynamic between these two main characters, both have self deprecating tendencies and it was a joy to witness the romance bloom between them.  The dialogue is amusing and I adored how the author contrasted the civilised section of this outer space society as being comparative to old fashioned victorian fashions and ways with the cowboy-esque traits of the wild west for those who lived on the edge of the Verge.

The Verge Book 2


In Captivated, book 2 in The Verge series, we get to see what happens when Dr. Theophrastus Campbell is abducted from his office by the striking yet domineering Outlier, Captain Park Jun-Seo.  Theo is a genius in translating forgotten languages, Jun needs his help so that he can finish his parents’ work and save the lives of thousands of people.  In his desperation he kidnaps the feisty Dr; who is able to leave behind clues for his brother. 

It doesn’t take long for Theo to make it quite clear that he views the kidnapping as nothing more than an exciting adventure and Jun is left realising there is far more to the language expert than he thought. His usual quiet brooding self is challenged on so many fronts by the quirky, sexy, red-headed Dr.

Again AC Thomas has created a steamy dynamic between the two main characters but in a different way to the first book.  Here in the Restricted sector, Outliers have technological adaptations and gave me vibes of the borg from Star Trek.


There are twists and turns to the plot of these two fast paced and very sexually charged stories.  I was cursing the author when I realised that the end of book two isn’t actually the end of the journey for the brothers but will wait eagerly for the third book to come out sometime in 2022 to find out how their adventure with their super hot lovers continues.

The steam in these male on male romances is off the charts hot and the sci-fi elements tame enough that those who wouldn’t generally enjoy that genre would love the stories.  For me this series provides everything I love, mystery, drama, sexually charged tension and fabulous dynamics between the characters.  I can’t wait for more from this author.

Restricted is already out and available through Amazon and Captivated released today.  You can see my extended double review video for these books over on YouTube.

Thanks for popping by.

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