Super Twins 2


Andy Slinger

The Super Twins 2 by Andy Slinger is a middle grade superhero story that continues the journey of Jake and Ryan, the Super Twins.

In the first story we learnt how Jake and Ryan became awesome teenage Super Twins when a meteorite hit their house in the town of Trincaster.  The brothers had to battle Evil Dad in order to save the day.  

Following on from their epic Battle of Wheatsheaf Hill, the town of Trincaster wants to honour the Super Twins by erecting a statue of them at the annual Fast Food Festival.  However, dark forces are at play in the form of the return of Evil Dad who is determined to put an end to the Super Twins once and for all.

This is another great children’s book by Andy Slinger.  He has a knack for writing in a way that allows the reader to visualise the story as if it is already in comic book form.  There are also the underlying concepts which many teenagers have to deal with in this day and age; rivalry between siblings, the introduction of a new friend into a mix that causes contention,  coping with no longer having a parent for support and having to stay with another relative. 

The author has created two books that are exactly what young reluctant and avid readers are looking for.  The book is full of fun elements and banter that you would expect from teenage boys – farts being amongst them.  I thoroughly enjoyed this second installment of the Super Twins story and can see this book and author going far, in fact I could see this story running as an animation series on television.  I highly recommend this series for young and older readers who are still young at heart.

The Super Twins and The Super Twins 2 are both available through Amazon and Andy Slinger has a website where you can find out more about him and his books. You can also catch my video review of the book over on YouTube.

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