Dead heads


R Young

Gloomwood Book 1

Dead Heads by R Young is a murder mystery with quite a lot of satire thrown in to the mix.  

What happens after Augustan Blunt is fatally stabbed? He wakes up of course and the minute he arrives in the afterlife he is rushed through the transition process and put to work.  Why?  Well upper management feel that this brash, no nonsense investigator with a bad attitude and little patience for anything is the perfect dead person to solve the biggest crime the afterlife has seen.

Someone has stolen the Grim Reaper’s Head!

I loved the premise of this story, it’s a classic murder mystery.  Bodies are piling up, pressure is on the investigator to solve the crime before a deadline and he’s working with a forensic scientist and bureaucrat – sounds familiar. However, in Gloomwood, in the afterlife, everyone is dead.  Nothing is as it seems, Blunt has to quickly wrap his head around his new existence, work with a forensic scientist who keeps going invisible and soon discovers the local police force are no more than heavy thugs themselves.

The atmosphere that the author has created gave me flashes of images from Frank Millar’s Sin City, with the dark, grey, miserable, foreboding environment that Young has depicted here as the afterlife.  Yet there are so many comedic moments that I chuckled my way through a fair few ‘dad’ jokes throughout the book.  Making sure that this tale is far from dark and brooding, more greyscale and amusing.  

I thoroughly enjoyed this book; all the character’s are well written, the story flows easily and   the ending gave me a lump in my throat but also a grin on my face.  I will look forward to reading the next book in the series.  

You can grab your copy of Dead Heads through Amazon and if you fancy, you can take a peek at my video review over on YouTube. Ross Young also has an author website where you can find out much more about Gloomwood and its residents.

Thanks for popping by.

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