Reader’s Block?

Is there such a thing as Reader’s Block, like Writer’s Block? Well whatever it is I seem to be in a bit of a reading slump.

For years and years I have been an avid reader and have never been far from my trusty Kindle Paperwhite since my husband bought it for me about nine years ago.

Even before that I had a book close at hand, but the obsessive reading really started when I was suffering from ill health and was signed off sick from work. It’s become a bit of a running joke in my house that my Kindle is always within reaching distance. Which is why last summer during the first Covid Lockdown I started my Bedside Book Review Blog and YouTube Channel.

So you can imagine my horror when about a month ago I started struggling to stay focused on the books I’m reading. And no it isn’t even that those books weren’t well written or great stories, the reviews are there for you to see and I have been reading some fabulous books.

I just find myself completely distracted whenever I sit to read. Other things occupy my mind and even my phone has become more interesting, especially YouTube clips of people getting their haircut (yep I’m hooked on them) keeps me occupied for longer bouts of time than a chapter of a really well written book. I have also watched so much more television lately when normally it hardly gets turned on – well when my husband is away working that is.

I just can’t stay focused; books that would normally only take me a few days to read are now taking upto and over a week. Silly as it seems this makes me feel guilty that it’s taken me longer to read it, which is absolutely ridiculous. Yet worst of all is that my TBR list is booked up until September and now feels as if it’s looming over me like a giant shadow.

So how can I get myself out of this slump? Get back to enjoying reading again but still bring you the reviews that I enjoy doing and hopefully you enjoy reading or watching?

  • I’m firstly going to take a little time off from reading. I am also an artist so I’m going to focus on my painting for a while to clear my head (I paint Pet Portraits and am taking up watercolours in case you’re interested)
  • When I find the impetus to read again I’m going to choose a book off my TBR list that draws me in rather than going straight to the next on the list
  • And I’m going to try not to put pressure on myself

If you are on my TBR list I apologise now for not getting to your book as soon as I originally thought. It is still there on the list, it will get read, it will just be a little longer before I’m ready to read it.

Be patient with me lovely readers and authors waiting on a review. I’m hoping writing this post will help to reboot my reading focus and get me out of my slump. If you have any tips or advice for me please leave a comment for me.

Thanks as always for popping by.

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