Fallen Woman


Allison Mann

With Linda May Spencer and Emily Jean

Fallen Woman by Allison Mann is a non-fiction reveal-all about a remarkable woman who went against societal norms in an effort to give herself and her family a better life.  Unfortunately Linda May Spencer found her life full of battles; against the law, her addictions and her family.

Fallen Woman is the true story of Linda May Spencer; Madam, Maven and Mother.  I don’t generally read and review biography type books.  I have reviewed a memoir previously and personally gained a lot of insight from that book.  So when Allison Mann, the author of Fallen Woman and also CEO of Hadleigh House Publishing, got in touch asking if I would give Fallen Woman a read I couldn’t say no.  

Hadleigh House Publishing have published some phenomenal books since their inception in December 2019, all of which I have read and reviewed, so I knew that even with Allison’s book being non-fiction I would still enjoy the writing and I was most definitely not disappointed. 

Linda May Spencer is a woman who has spent her entire life fighting to survive.  From her earliest memories she has had to battle through a painful childhood, a distant mother and then in her teenage years an introduction to drug use that continued on to spiral out of control for most of her adult life.

For decades the city of Saint Paul, Minnesota fought to close down the store-front saunas that served up sex-for-money to a wide variety of clientele.  Linda May Spencer ran such a business in a determined vein to provide a better life for her children.  She desperately wanted to give them a different life to the one she lived as a child.  However, living a double life, being so close to painful memories, in easy reach of recreational drugs and under constant scrutiny of the law, Linda fought to keep her head above water.  

The story of a Fallen Woman is one that shows the difficult life of a woman with strength and determination.  No matter your moral views on the subject matter, in which she played a large part, Linda May Spencer’s life was not all lavish on the proceeds of prostitution, but one of confronting inner demons on a daily basis.

Allison Mann’s writing is a no nonsense recount of Linda’s life, with a sympathetic tone and absolutely no judgement in any way.  The writing includes researched and documented accounts to support the events that occurred in relation to police arrests and court convictions.

If you enjoy reading true to life fiction as well as biographies that look at the real lives of ordinary people. People who have lived anything but an ordinary life, then you will enjoy this look through the lace curtains at the life of an extraordinarily strong woman.

Fallen Woman will be available to purchase on July 20th and is available now to pre-order either through Amazon or through Allison’s website.  You can also watch my video review over on YouTube.

Thanks for popping by.

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