The Last Birthday Party


Gary Goldstein

The Last Birthday Party by Gary Goldstein is the next piece of fiction coming from the shelves of the amazing publishing house that is Hadleigh House Publishing.  I have had the pleasure of reading all their new releases and every time I have been thrown into book crush heaven.  Gary Goldstein has risen to the new heights of book crush author for me with his debut novel.

Jeremy Lerner has just turned 50.  He didn’t want the big birthday bash that his wife was determined to throw him.  So with a grumpy attitude he had more to drink than he would usually, slept on the sofa and woke to find his life had dramatically changed.

In a matter of a few disastrous days Jeremy’s marriage ends, he loses his job and the use of his right arm.  However, fate intervened and with the arrival of Annabelle on his doorstep Jeremy’s life begins to look a lot rosier and with the loss of his job his creative juices are set free to renew work on a dusty screenplay.

This is a story of ordinary life; people go through these types of events, divorce, job loss, personal injury every day, so what makes this book so good? The writing is witty and compelling.  I fell in love with the main character almost immediately and for a romance lover I thoroughly enjoyed reading a story solely from the man’s perspective.  There are funny, chuckle out loud moments, melancholic, heartfelt moments and ‘oh no’ please don’t let that be the outcome moments.  

Goldstein created an extended cast list of family members for Jeremy’s journey that I just wanted to wrap in my arms and steal away.  This was a joy to read and un-put-downable!  If you love women’s fiction, romances, stories about ordinary people bumbling their way through life with sprinkles of humour, joy and love, then you will love this.  

The Last Birthday Party is set to release on 17th August, you can pre-order now via Amazon and there is a short video review of the book over on YouTube.

Thanks for popping by.

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