The Last Birthday Party

by Gary Goldstein The Last Birthday Party by Gary Goldstein is the next piece of fiction coming from the shelves of the amazing publishing house that is Hadleigh House Publishing.  I have had the pleasure of reading all their new releases and every time I have been thrown into book crush heaven.  Gary Goldstein hasContinue reading “The Last Birthday Party”

Fallen Woman

by Allison Mann Fallen Woman by Allison Mann is a non-fiction reveal-all about a remarkable woman who went against societal norms in an effort to give herself and her family a better life.  Unfortunately Linda May Spencer found her life full of battles; against the law, her addictions and her family. Fallen Woman is theContinue reading “Fallen Woman”

Super Twins 2

by Andy Slinger The Super Twins 2 by Andy Slinger is a middle grade superhero story that continues the journey of Jake and Ryan, the Super Twins. In the first story we learnt how Jake and Ryan became awesome teenage Super Twins when a meteorite hit their house in the town of Trincaster.  The brothersContinue reading “Super Twins 2”

Restricted and Captivated

By AC Thomas This is a double review for the first two books in The Verge series by AC Thomas.  Restricted and Captivated are super hot and steamy male on male romances set in a science fiction genre. Restricted Restricted, book 1 in the series focuses on Dr. Aristotle Campbell, a man desperately searching forContinue reading “Restricted and Captivated”


by D.T. Wilby Ringer by D.T. Wilby is classed as a techno thriller, mystery novel and is a standalone by this author. Set in the near future, where technology allows for gene therapy to replace damaged/ailing organs, Will Wilson was given a new lease on life away from the constant drain of kidney dialysis.   However,Continue reading “Ringer”


by Jason Horton Mine by Jason Horton is the first installment of the Fire and Ice mystery, thriller and romance series. Jason and Lucy meet in London whilst both are attending business meetings.  Their connection is instant and their initial meeting blooms into a budding relationship even after they return to their respective homes.   ThisContinue reading “Mine”


by J.D. Toombs and Erika Schultz Judd by J.D. Toombs & Erika Schulze is a Teen/Young Adult supernatural, superhero fiction; book 1 in The Fragmented Chronicles series. Samael Judd lives in a community dedicated to beings that have supernatural powers.  In order to stay in Comet Cove he must come into his own powers orContinue reading “Judd”

Adele and Tom: The Portrait of a Marriage

by Chella Courington Adele and Tom: The Portrait of a Marriage by Chella Courington is a beautifully crafted snippet of true to life fiction.  Written in vignettes, this is a book that feels more like peeking through the window into the lives of the characters within. Adele and Tom are both writers and the bookContinue reading “Adele and Tom: The Portrait of a Marriage”

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