Broken Umbrellas

by Darren Arthurs Broken Umbrellas by Darren Arthurs is a true to life fiction novel that is the author’s debut. Written in two weeks at the start of the Covid pandemic when Arthurs was, like so many people around the globe, forced to remain at home, needing an outlet for his excess energy.  This shortContinue reading “Broken Umbrellas”


by Brian Shotton Mendicant by Brian Shotton is the second book in the Song of the Sword series.  It is a supernatural, theological fiction novel jam packed with action, evil intentions and good friendships. In the first book Sojourner, that I reviewed back in September of last year, I was introduced to Scott, a Scion;Continue reading “Mendicant”

Journey to New Salem

by Mark Rosendorf Journey to New Salem by Mark Rosendorf is the follow-on, Teen/Young Adult paranormal novel, to The Witches of Vegas that I read and reviewed a few months ago. In the first book, the two main characters, Isis and Zack, along with Isis’ adopted witch family thwart an attack on the world byContinue reading “Journey to New Salem”

Move On, Melinda

by Allison Martine Move On, Melinda by Allison Martine, is the third installment in her Bourbon Books series.  In her own words Martine describes the book as a romance for those who don’t really like romance.  I’m not entirely sure I completely agree with her, but it isn’t your typical romance trope either. In thisContinue reading “Move On, Melinda”

Children of the Outback

by Amanda N. Newman Children of the Outback by Amanda N. Newman is a fantasy fiction novel set in a dystopian type wasteland in Australia.  After years of civil war in Australia, the Outback has been fenced off from the rest of the New Australian Republic.  Stories of rough, rugged, terrifying, kidnapping Bitzers and DingoesContinue reading “Children of the Outback”

Tales of Elhaanai

by Nicole Patrice Thomas Tales of Elhaanai by Nicole Patrice Thomas is the start of a fantasy adventure series where greed and corruption have taken hold of a realm through the use of dark and powerful magic.   A baby is switched at birth and a corrupt queen takes over the reign of Elhaanai through theContinue reading “Tales of Elhaanai”

Nickle Brickle’Bee

by Sterling Nixon Nickle Brickle’Bee by Sterling Nixon is a fantasy fairy tale kind of adventure that will appeal to readers aged ten years and older.   Set in the fictitious realm of Earthworks in the centre of the world, Nickle Brickle’Bee – a self proclaimed ‘odd’ boy, finds that he is in fact a Dwarf. Continue reading “Nickle Brickle’Bee”

Witch’s Mirror

by Eva Alton Witch’s Mirror by Eva Alton is the latest book in her Vampires of Emberbury series.  A paranormal witch/vampire romance serial that has quickly become one of my favourites in this genre. Although this is only Book 2 in the series, we have already had further glimpses into the Vampires of Emberbury world. Continue reading “Witch’s Mirror”

The Demon

by Tanweer Dar The Demon by Tanweer Dar is a thrilling ride through the cyberpunk, crime thriller, noir genres.  This wouldn’t ordinarily be a book I would choose to read but after all the positive comments through the Twitterverse I had to give it a go.  Boy was I ever glad I took the leap.Continue reading “The Demon”

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