No Guts, No Girl

by Tessa Kavanagh No Guts, No Girl by Tessa Kavanagh is a romantic comedy novel with a hero who wants nothing more than to get the girl and live his very quiet life. Linus loves his quiet job as a Librarian, where he can hide away from the world and his numerous phobias (or atContinue reading “No Guts, No Girl”

Building the Dream

by Andrea Warrilow Building the Dream by Andrea Warrilow is the second book in her At the Cliff Top series.  This is a women’s light romance fiction novel and continues the story of Carrie and Caleb. At the beginning of this book Caleb, a Hollywood heartthrob, is filming overseas, leaving Carrie to begin the preparationsContinue reading “Building the Dream”

Notebook Mysteries: Emma

by Kimberly Mullins Emma; Book 1 of the Notebook Mysteries by Kimberly Mullins is a Teen/Young Adult historical mystery with a touch of young romance. Emma is a sixteen year old with ambitions for adventure in a time when women are expected to be seen and not heard.  In 1881 her family were still feelingContinue reading “Notebook Mysteries: Emma”

By Immortal Honor Bound

by Danielle Ancona By Immortal Honor Bound, Book 1 Of Alchemy and Angels by Danielle Ancona is a fantastic historical, mythological, fantasy romance novel.   Malachi is an angel, a guardian, sworn to uphold the principles that keep evil at bay in a time gone by.  He guards Celestial and Mythological Gods from the corruption thatContinue reading “By Immortal Honor Bound”

Pages from the Pizza Crows

by Evan B Witmer Pages from the Pizza Crows by Evan B Witmer is Book 1 of 2 in the Odd Fiction series and boy Odd Fiction it most definitely is;  a collection of surreal and mind boggling short stories. The narrator of the book, who ties each story together with a short narrative, hasContinue reading “Pages from the Pizza Crows”

Between the Lines

by James Pindras Between the Lines by James Pindras is a historical fantasy that shows how love can last through time. Jake is a young boy when his uncle gifts him a very special book.  The story hooks Jake in and over time he begins to live between two worlds; the present day and theContinue reading “Between the Lines”

A Winter’s Cobalt Kiss

by Eva Alton A Winter’s Cobalt Kiss by Eva Alton is a tiny piece of magic that will have you believing in true love, fate and destiny.  This lovely novella is part of the Vampire’s of Emberbury series and is a prequel to the Stray Witch novel.  A book I reviewed back in the summerContinue reading “A Winter’s Cobalt Kiss”


by Anna J Walner Garkain, the debut novel by Anna J Walner is the first in The Uluru Legacy series and is a paranormal, Vampire romance novel.  This story however does not conform to the normal vampire trope and for that I found it intriguing and refreshing. Amelia wants to know where she came fromContinue reading “Garkain”

Where Crows Land

by Paul McCracken Where Crows Land by Paul McCracken is the second book from this novelist that I have reviewed.  This is one is a gritty urban, crime thriller set on the streets of Belfast. Joseph Carter is a detective tasked with tracking a grizerly serial killer who sets fire to his victims.  When hisContinue reading “Where Crows Land”

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