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The Last Birthday Party

by Gary Goldstein The Last Birthday Party by Gary Goldstein is the next piece of fiction coming from the shelves of the amazing publishing house that is Hadleigh House Publishing.  I have had the pleasure of reading all their new releases and every time I have been thrown into book crush heaven.  Gary Goldstein hasContinue reading “The Last Birthday Party”

Fallen Woman

by Allison Mann Fallen Woman by Allison Mann is a non-fiction reveal-all about a remarkable woman who went against societal norms in an effort to give herself and her family a better life.  Unfortunately Linda May Spencer found her life full of battles; against the law, her addictions and her family. Fallen Woman is theContinue reading “Fallen Woman”

Dead heads

by R Young Dead Heads by R Young is a murder mystery with quite a lot of satire thrown in to the mix.   What happens after Augustan Blunt is fatally stabbed? He wakes up of course and the minute he arrives in the afterlife he is rushed through the transition process and put to work. Continue reading “Dead heads”


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The Bedside Book Reviewer

I’m looking forward to delving into the wonderful worlds of books. Seeking new realms to explore and characters to fall in love with. Come join me as I rummage through the marvelous and magnificent minds of authors.

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