by Diana G. Miller Descent is the first book by Diana G. Miller in The Demon Chronicles series. This is Diana’s debut novel and is a fantasy, Young Adult adventure story. Serafina Thomas, or Sera as she likes to be known, is reeling after the tragic loss of her family. Before she can even settleContinue reading “Descent”

Tales from the Greenhills

by Terry Melia Terry Melia’s The Tales from the Greenhills is a Young Adult story following the events surrounding Tommy Dwyer during two weeks of the sweltering summer of 1976 in Liverpool. We meet Tommy, a seventeen year old, on the brink of adulthood. He and his family live in a part of the cityContinue reading “Tales from the Greenhills”

The Stone Thieves and the Honourable Order of Inventors

by Eddy Telviot The Stone Thieves and the Honourable Order of Inventors by Eddy Telviot is a brilliantly composed science fiction fantasy novel. It is aimed at the Young Adult market but I could quite easily see this superb story being suitable for the younger generation, and those of us who are young at heart.Continue reading “The Stone Thieves and the Honourable Order of Inventors”

The Existence of Amy

by Lana Grace Riva The Existence of Amy by Lana Grace Riva is a fictional story about a woman projecting to the world a normal, everyday life. On the surface she does her best to demonstrate that she is just like everyone else, she has friends, she has a job she loves and she hasContinue reading “The Existence of Amy”

The Back Up Plan: Giving up? Or moving on?

by Elsie McArthur Elsie McArthur’s debut novel The Back Up Plan is a midlife romance story set between the city of Glasgow and the rugged Highlands of Scotland. We meet Marsaili McKenzie a 30-something struggling actress who is working as a barmaid at the Pantheon Theatre in Glasgow. She finds herself somewhat directionless as herContinue reading “The Back Up Plan: Giving up? Or moving on?”

Forever Eve

by JB Lexington Forever Eve is JB Lexington’s debut romance novel that will sweep you completely off your feet. Izabel Carmichael is a straight-laced, follow the rules, stick to the plan kind of girl. She has everything she ever dreamt of; a handsome, loving, successful husband, a beautiful home and the career she wanted. However,Continue reading “Forever Eve”

The Stray Witch

by Eva Alton The Stray Witch is the first book in The Vampires of Emberbury Series by Eva Alton. In this delightful story we meet Alba, a downtrodden wife of an abusive husband. She is stuck in her humdrum life until thrown for a loop when her husband demands a divorce. She needs to findContinue reading “The Stray Witch”

Atonement (Heaven Sent 1)

by JL Rothstein Atonement, the first in JL Rothein’s Heaven Sent series is an epic rollercoaster ride of blood thirsty battles and soft tender moments. This is a fantasy/supernatural story where good battles evil in the age old conflict between Heaven and Hell. The O’Mara family, of nine siblings, are Heaven Sent Guardians destined toContinue reading “Atonement (Heaven Sent 1)”

Oil and Water

by Lara Ann Dominick Oil and Water is a vampire love story that is really quite different to other vampire stories that I have previously read. The story begins with the reader meeting two very different characters. Elsie, a human, who is book obsessed (yes I really identify with that) and dreaming of a futureContinue reading “Oil and Water”

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