Super Twins 2

by Andy Slinger The Super Twins 2 by Andy Slinger is a middle grade superhero story that continues the journey of Jake and Ryan, the Super Twins. In the first story we learnt how Jake and Ryan became awesome teenage Super Twins when a meteorite hit their house in the town of Trincaster.  The brothersContinue reading “Super Twins 2”

Journey to New Salem

by Mark Rosendorf Journey to New Salem by Mark Rosendorf is the follow-on, Teen/Young Adult paranormal novel, to The Witches of Vegas that I read and reviewed a few months ago. In the first book, the two main characters, Isis and Zack, along with Isis’ adopted witch family thwart an attack on the world byContinue reading “Journey to New Salem”

The Project

By Stacey Potter The Project is the debut novel by Stacey Potter and is a lovely piece of women’s fiction that will warm the soul on a winter’s day. The story focuses on Sabella Pierce, a college sophomore, in 1994, who is tasked with a project for her psychology class. Reluctantly she becomes a volunteerContinue reading “The Project”

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