Move On, Melinda

by Allison Martine Move On, Melinda by Allison Martine, is the third installment in her Bourbon Books series.  In her own words Martine describes the book as a romance for those who don’t really like romance.  I’m not entirely sure I completely agree with her, but it isn’t your typical romance trope either. In thisContinue reading “Move On, Melinda”

Since September

by Allison Martine Since September is the second book from Allison Martine in the Bourbon Books Series. This book runs on from Dibs, Allison’s debut novel, which I reviewed a few months ago and thoroughly enjoyed. In Dibs Olivia, a self deprecating divorcee, meets Adam in an amusing and easy read romance tale. Since SeptemberContinue reading “Since September”

Allison Martine

Author Bio Allison Martine is a contemporary romance writer and author of two novels, Dibs and Since September. I had the pleasure of reviewing Dibs a little while ago, thoroughly enjoying the light easy romance that often made me chuckle. Living in Orange County, California, Allison is married with three children. Like many authors AllisonContinue reading “Allison Martine”

End of Summer Releases

What’s new on the scene for the end of this strange summer of 2020? As the summer begins to wind down, for some of us (who live in Scotland) quicker than others, I thought I’d start a New Releases feature. I’ll feature 8 new books that have recently or are about to be published. MostContinue reading “End of Summer Releases”

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