The Last Birthday Party

by Gary Goldstein The Last Birthday Party by Gary Goldstein is the next piece of fiction coming from the shelves of the amazing publishing house that is Hadleigh House Publishing.  I have had the pleasure of reading all their new releases and every time I have been thrown into book crush heaven.  Gary Goldstein hasContinue reading “The Last Birthday Party”

Fallen Woman

by Allison Mann Fallen Woman by Allison Mann is a non-fiction reveal-all about a remarkable woman who went against societal norms in an effort to give herself and her family a better life.  Unfortunately Linda May Spencer found her life full of battles; against the law, her addictions and her family. Fallen Woman is theContinue reading “Fallen Woman”

Journey to New Salem

by Mark Rosendorf Journey to New Salem by Mark Rosendorf is the follow-on, Teen/Young Adult paranormal novel, to The Witches of Vegas that I read and reviewed a few months ago. In the first book, the two main characters, Isis and Zack, along with Isis’ adopted witch family thwart an attack on the world byContinue reading “Journey to New Salem”

Notebook Mysteries: Emma

by Kimberly Mullins Emma; Book 1 of the Notebook Mysteries by Kimberly Mullins is a Teen/Young Adult historical mystery with a touch of young romance. Emma is a sixteen year old with ambitions for adventure in a time when women are expected to be seen and not heard.  In 1881 her family were still feelingContinue reading “Notebook Mysteries: Emma”


by Anna J Walner Garkain, the debut novel by Anna J Walner is the first in The Uluru Legacy series and is a paranormal, Vampire romance novel.  This story however does not conform to the normal vampire trope and for that I found it intriguing and refreshing. Amelia wants to know where she came fromContinue reading “Garkain”

Burying the Hatchet

by A.C. Thomas Burying the Hatchet by A.C. Thomas is a Christmas M/M romance novella that will give you all the feels. Clayton Osbourne has to return to his family home and Christmas Tree farm when his mother is suddenly taken ill. He ran away from his emotional heartache over his childhood nemesis and guiltyContinue reading “Burying the Hatchet”

The Project

By Stacey Potter The Project is the debut novel by Stacey Potter and is a lovely piece of women’s fiction that will warm the soul on a winter’s day. The story focuses on Sabella Pierce, a college sophomore, in 1994, who is tasked with a project for her psychology class. Reluctantly she becomes a volunteerContinue reading “The Project”

Ashes Ashes

by Murphy Morrison Ashes Ashes by Murphy Morrison is a crime fiction novel with burning deceit and betrayal, murder, intrigue and numerous twists and turns in the plot. A hot potato of a read, you’ll be prepared to burn your fingers rather than put the book down. Lieutenant Charlie McMahon lives for his job, puttingContinue reading “Ashes Ashes”

Dance With Me

by Judith Crow Dance With Me by Judith Crow is a Young Adult/Crossover novel. It is Judith’s second book but her debut under the Young Adult umbrella and is due for release on 22nd October 2020. Dance With Me, is a lovely tale of mystery told in the same vein as the Folk Tales andContinue reading “Dance With Me”

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