JL Rothstein

Author Bio Atonement is JL Rothstein’s epic, fantasy-supernatural novel. It is her debut and book 1 in the Heaven Sent series that she is working on. The series focuses on the lives of the O’Mara family, Guardians of souls on Earth, who fight the age old battle between good and evil, where Heaven defends humanityContinue reading “JL Rothstein”

National Book Lovers Day

Happy National Book Lovers Day to you all. I am definitely one of those, a Book Lover. For many years now I have been obsessed with reading and can be found to be nearly always within arms length of my trusty Kindle Paperwhite. I love how, as a reader, you can become immersed into aContinue reading “National Book Lovers Day”

Atonement (Heaven Sent 1)

by JL Rothstein Atonement, the first in JL Rothein’s Heaven Sent series is an epic rollercoaster ride of blood thirsty battles and soft tender moments. This is a fantasy/supernatural story where good battles evil in the age old conflict between Heaven and Hell. The O’Mara family, of nine siblings, are Heaven Sent Guardians destined toContinue reading “Atonement (Heaven Sent 1)”

Where to Start

I’m going to start my little review blogs with the books that I have made videos of. I could quite easily go back to review books that I love, that I’ve read again and again but I need a jumping off point and so I’m going with the four books I chose to start thisContinue reading “Where to Start”

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