Atonement (Heaven Sent 1)

by JL Rothstein Atonement, the first in JL Rothein’s Heaven Sent series is an epic rollercoaster ride of blood thirsty battles and soft tender moments. This is a fantasy/supernatural story where good battles evil in the age old conflict between Heaven and Hell. The O’Mara family, of nine siblings, are Heaven Sent Guardians destined toContinue reading “Atonement (Heaven Sent 1)”

I’d Best Introduce Myself

Hello there, I’m Kirsti and I’m the Bedside Book Reviewer. I mostly read romances, they have been my book drug of choice for a long time now; fantasy, contemporary, reverse harem, you name it I’ve read it and loved it. I’m starting to branch out into different genres now though, to widen the mind andContinue reading “I’d Best Introduce Myself”

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