Pages from the Pizza Crows

by Evan B Witmer Pages from the Pizza Crows by Evan B Witmer is Book 1 of 2 in the Odd Fiction series and boy Odd Fiction it most definitely is;  a collection of surreal and mind boggling short stories. The narrator of the book, who ties each story together with a short narrative, hasContinue reading “Pages from the Pizza Crows”

Between the Lines

by James Pindras Between the Lines by James Pindras is a historical fantasy that shows how love can last through time. Jake is a young boy when his uncle gifts him a very special book.  The story hooks Jake in and over time he begins to live between two worlds; the present day and theContinue reading “Between the Lines”

A Winter’s Cobalt Kiss

by Eva Alton A Winter’s Cobalt Kiss by Eva Alton is a tiny piece of magic that will have you believing in true love, fate and destiny.  This lovely novella is part of the Vampire’s of Emberbury series and is a prequel to the Stray Witch novel.  A book I reviewed back in the summerContinue reading “A Winter’s Cobalt Kiss”

Where Crows Land

by Paul McCracken Where Crows Land by Paul McCracken is the second book from this novelist that I have reviewed.  This is one is a gritty urban, crime thriller set on the streets of Belfast. Joseph Carter is a detective tasked with tracking a grizerly serial killer who sets fire to his victims.  When hisContinue reading “Where Crows Land”

The Takeover

by TL Swan The Takeover by TL Swan is the second book in The Miles High Club series.  If you are a lover of romance novels then you will know that Swan is the High Priestess of all that is romance, steamy and alpha male goodness.  The Takeover is no exception. Tristan Miles is theContinue reading “The Takeover”

Devil’s Entourage

by Zeena Becks Devil’s Entourage: A Rockstar Romance by Zeena Becks is the first novel of the Devil’s Series. As it states in the title this is a romance, however, it is not your typical hearts and flowers love story. Nate Fox is the lead singer of an up and coming band on the musicContinue reading “Devil’s Entourage”

The Vintage Bookshop of Memories

by Elizabeth Holland The Vintage Bookshop of Memories by Elizabeth Holland is a charming piece of women’s contemporary fiction that is heavily weighted with nostalgia for a time gone by. Prue Clemont returns to the village of Ivy Hatch at the death of her grandmother, the only remaining relative that she is aware of.  OnContinue reading “The Vintage Bookshop of Memories”

Burying the Hatchet

by A.C. Thomas Burying the Hatchet by A.C. Thomas is a Christmas M/M romance novella that will give you all the feels. Clayton Osbourne has to return to his family home and Christmas Tree farm when his mother is suddenly taken ill. He ran away from his emotional heartache over his childhood nemesis and guiltyContinue reading “Burying the Hatchet”


by J.S. Frankel Beginnings by J.S. Frankel is a teen/young adult urban fantasy novel, the first in The Nightmare Crew series. At the age of seventeen Paul Wiseman has been through numerous foster homes and has run away from the orphanage he never felt at home in. Living on the streets he is brutally attackedContinue reading “Beginnings”

The Project

By Stacey Potter The Project is the debut novel by Stacey Potter and is a lovely piece of women’s fiction that will warm the soul on a winter’s day. The story focuses on Sabella Pierce, a college sophomore, in 1994, who is tasked with a project for her psychology class. Reluctantly she becomes a volunteerContinue reading “The Project”

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