Hadleigh House Publishing

Publisher Bio Hadleigh House Publishing is a new publishing house in the literary world. They are the force behind two of the books I have reviewed, Forever Eve by JB Lexington and Not that Girl by Alisha Perkins. Alisha Perkins, along with Allison Mann and Anna Biehn are the three strong minded, hard working womenContinue reading “Hadleigh House Publishing”

JB Lexington

Author Bio JB Lexington is a romance writer, her debut novel Forever Eve is a steamy romance, with a Past Life Regression aspect, difficult and turbulent times for the main character Izabel and a storyline that will quite honestly, blow you away. The sequel, After Eve is set to be released in December and IContinue reading “JB Lexington”

National Book Lovers Day

Happy National Book Lovers Day to you all. I am definitely one of those, a Book Lover. For many years now I have been obsessed with reading and can be found to be nearly always within arms length of my trusty Kindle Paperwhite. I love how, as a reader, you can become immersed into aContinue reading “National Book Lovers Day”

Look Out Below for a Giveaway!

To be in with a chance to win 1 of 5 ebook copies of this fantastic steamy romance pop on over to my YouTube channel. Subscribe to my channel and comment on the Giveaway video, it’s as easy as that. Thank you to Hadleigh House Publishing for giving me the chance to give away copiesContinue reading “Look Out Below for a Giveaway!”

Forever Eve

by JB Lexington Forever Eve is JB Lexington’s debut romance novel that will sweep you completely off your feet. Izabel Carmichael is a straight-laced, follow the rules, stick to the plan kind of girl. She has everything she ever dreamt of; a handsome, loving, successful husband, a beautiful home and the career she wanted. However,Continue reading “Forever Eve”

Where to Start

I’m going to start my little review blogs with the books that I have made videos of. I could quite easily go back to review books that I love, that I’ve read again and again but I need a jumping off point and so I’m going with the four books I chose to start thisContinue reading “Where to Start”

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