Allison Martine

Author Bio Allison Martine is a contemporary romance writer and author of two novels, Dibs and Since September. I had the pleasure of reviewing Dibs a little while ago, thoroughly enjoying the light easy romance that often made me chuckle. Living in Orange County, California, Allison is married with three children. Like many authors AllisonContinue reading “Allison Martine”

You’ve Written A Book. Now What Happens?

You’ve poured your heart and soul onto the pages of your book and now you’re hoping with everything you have that people will want to read your story and love it. But before they can, you have to publish it. This blog post will look at the different routes you can take to finally getContinue reading “You’ve Written A Book. Now What Happens?”

The Existence of Amy

by Lana Grace Riva The Existence of Amy by Lana Grace Riva is a fictional story about a woman projecting to the world a normal, everyday life. On the surface she does her best to demonstrate that she is just like everyone else, she has friends, she has a job she loves and she hasContinue reading “The Existence of Amy”

Atonement (Heaven Sent 1)

by JL Rothstein Atonement, the first in JL Rothein’s Heaven Sent series is an epic rollercoaster ride of blood thirsty battles and soft tender moments. This is a fantasy/supernatural story where good battles evil in the age old conflict between Heaven and Hell. The O’Mara family, of nine siblings, are Heaven Sent Guardians destined toContinue reading “Atonement (Heaven Sent 1)”

Oil and Water

by Lara Ann Dominick Oil and Water is a vampire love story that is really quite different to other vampire stories that I have previously read. The story begins with the reader meeting two very different characters. Elsie, a human, who is book obsessed (yes I really identify with that) and dreaming of a futureContinue reading “Oil and Water”

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