by Jason Horton Mine by Jason Horton is the first installment of the Fire and Ice mystery, thriller and romance series. Jason and Lucy meet in London whilst both are attending business meetings.  Their connection is instant and their initial meeting blooms into a budding relationship even after they return to their respective homes.   ThisContinue reading “Mine”

Building the Dream

by Andrea Warrilow Building the Dream by Andrea Warrilow is the second book in her At the Cliff Top series.  This is a women’s light romance fiction novel and continues the story of Carrie and Caleb. At the beginning of this book Caleb, a Hollywood heartthrob, is filming overseas, leaving Carrie to begin the preparationsContinue reading “Building the Dream”

Love on the Rocks

by Elsie McArthur Love on the Rocks is Elsie McArthur’s second romance novel and quite simply put is amazeballs!! Set on the remote and craggy island of Innescreag, this romance will blow you away just like the windswept landscape in which it is set. The main character, Rachel McIntyre, is a woman who, seeking toContinue reading “Love on the Rocks”

Dance With Me

by Judith Crow Dance With Me by Judith Crow is a Young Adult/Crossover novel. It is Judith’s second book but her debut under the Young Adult umbrella and is due for release on 22nd October 2020. Dance With Me, is a lovely tale of mystery told in the same vein as the Folk Tales andContinue reading “Dance With Me”

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