National Book Lovers Day

Happy National Book Lovers Day to you all. I am definitely one of those, a Book Lover. For many years now I have been obsessed with reading and can be found to be nearly always within arms length of my trusty Kindle Paperwhite. I love how, as a reader, you can become immersed into aContinue reading “National Book Lovers Day”

Oil and Water

by Lara Ann Dominick Oil and Water is a vampire love story that is really quite different to other vampire stories that I have previously read. The story begins with the reader meeting two very different characters. Elsie, a human, who is book obsessed (yes I really identify with that) and dreaming of a futureContinue reading “Oil and Water”

Where to Start

I’m going to start my little review blogs with the books that I have made videos of. I could quite easily go back to review books that I love, that I’ve read again and again but I need a jumping off point and so I’m going with the four books I chose to start thisContinue reading “Where to Start”

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