Move On, Melinda

by Allison Martine Move On, Melinda by Allison Martine, is the third installment in her Bourbon Books series.  In her own words Martine describes the book as a romance for those who don’t really like romance.  I’m not entirely sure I completely agree with her, but it isn’t your typical romance trope either. In thisContinue reading “Move On, Melinda”

Witch’s Mirror

by Eva Alton Witch’s Mirror by Eva Alton is the latest book in her Vampires of Emberbury series.  A paranormal witch/vampire romance serial that has quickly become one of my favourites in this genre. Although this is only Book 2 in the series, we have already had further glimpses into the Vampires of Emberbury world. Continue reading “Witch’s Mirror”

By Immortal Honor Bound

by Danielle Ancona By Immortal Honor Bound, Book 1 Of Alchemy and Angels by Danielle Ancona is a fantastic historical, mythological, fantasy romance novel.   Malachi is an angel, a guardian, sworn to uphold the principles that keep evil at bay in a time gone by.  He guards Celestial and Mythological Gods from the corruption thatContinue reading “By Immortal Honor Bound”

Between the Lines

by James Pindras Between the Lines by James Pindras is a historical fantasy that shows how love can last through time. Jake is a young boy when his uncle gifts him a very special book.  The story hooks Jake in and over time he begins to live between two worlds; the present day and theContinue reading “Between the Lines”

Confidential Moments

by Laura John Confidential Moments by Laura John is the fifth book in her Love in Sienna series. It is a contemporary m/m sports romance and the first one of Laura John’s that I’ve read. It is also the first time that I’ve reviewed a book for a blog tour. I’d like to thank LauraContinue reading “Confidential Moments”

Since September

by Allison Martine Since September is the second book from Allison Martine in the Bourbon Books Series. This book runs on from Dibs, Allison’s debut novel, which I reviewed a few months ago and thoroughly enjoyed. In Dibs Olivia, a self deprecating divorcee, meets Adam in an amusing and easy read romance tale. Since SeptemberContinue reading “Since September”

Love on the Rocks

by Elsie McArthur Love on the Rocks is Elsie McArthur’s second romance novel and quite simply put is amazeballs!! Set on the remote and craggy island of Innescreag, this romance will blow you away just like the windswept landscape in which it is set. The main character, Rachel McIntyre, is a woman who, seeking toContinue reading “Love on the Rocks”

Cleaning The Slate

by Andrea Warrilow Cleaning The Slate is Andrea Warrilow’s debut novel. It is the first in a series of books in the ‘At The Cliff Top’ series. A sweet romance set in the English Countryside with a backdrop of horses. We meet the main character, Carrie as her life is thrown into turmoil with theContinue reading “Cleaning The Slate”

Krovs Into Darkness

by M. Lee Woe Krovs Into Darkness by M. Lee Woe is a dark supernatural story that taps into the age old tale of good versus evil. Here Woe cleverly uses that premise to split society into two sections. The Light Sector, where good resides and the Dark Sector of Obsidian City, where sex, drugsContinue reading “Krovs Into Darkness”

JB Lexington

Author Bio JB Lexington is a romance writer, her debut novel Forever Eve is a steamy romance, with a Past Life Regression aspect, difficult and turbulent times for the main character Izabel and a storyline that will quite honestly, blow you away. The sequel, After Eve is set to be released in December and IContinue reading “JB Lexington”

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