Restricted and Captivated

By AC Thomas This is a double review for the first two books in The Verge series by AC Thomas.  Restricted and Captivated are super hot and steamy male on male romances set in a science fiction genre. Restricted Restricted, book 1 in the series focuses on Dr. Aristotle Campbell, a man desperately searching forContinue reading “Restricted and Captivated”

Downtime Shift

by Robert Holding Downtime Shift by Robert Holding is a Science Fiction Novel set both in the story’s present – Point Time, where humans are governed by an Artificial Intelligence known as the EYE and in the story’s past, 800 years before – Downtime. The main character of the novel, Evelyn Marcin, has been trainedContinue reading “Downtime Shift”

The Connection

by David Billingsley The Connection by David Billingsley is an intriguing mystery with hints of science fiction, a thriller and a love story. This book is a gripping tale that will keep you guessing and on your toes throughout. The story revolves around Sandy McAllister, a woman who is just trying to get through lifeContinue reading “The Connection”

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