Super Twins 2

by Andy Slinger The Super Twins 2 by Andy Slinger is a middle grade superhero story that continues the journey of Jake and Ryan, the Super Twins. In the first story we learnt how Jake and Ryan became awesome teenage Super Twins when a meteorite hit their house in the town of Trincaster.  The brothersContinue reading “Super Twins 2”


by J.D. Toombs and Erika Schultz Judd by J.D. Toombs & Erika Schulze is a Teen/Young Adult supernatural, superhero fiction; book 1 in The Fragmented Chronicles series. Samael Judd lives in a community dedicated to beings that have supernatural powers.  In order to stay in Comet Cove he must come into his own powers orContinue reading “Judd”

The Super Twins

by Andy Slinger The Super Twins is Andy Slinger’s debut book, the first in what will be a series featuring the Super Twins. The book is aimed at the middle grade market and will absolutely appeal to children who enjoy comic heros. Jake and Ryan are twins. They are rebounding from one tragedy when anotherContinue reading “The Super Twins”

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