by J.D. Toombs and Erika Schultz Judd by J.D. Toombs & Erika Schulze is a Teen/Young Adult supernatural, superhero fiction; book 1 in The Fragmented Chronicles series. Samael Judd lives in a community dedicated to beings that have supernatural powers.  In order to stay in Comet Cove he must come into his own powers orContinue reading “Judd”

Journey to New Salem

by Mark Rosendorf Journey to New Salem by Mark Rosendorf is the follow-on, Teen/Young Adult paranormal novel, to The Witches of Vegas that I read and reviewed a few months ago. In the first book, the two main characters, Isis and Zack, along with Isis’ adopted witch family thwart an attack on the world byContinue reading “Journey to New Salem”

Notebook Mysteries: Emma

by Kimberly Mullins Emma; Book 1 of the Notebook Mysteries by Kimberly Mullins is a Teen/Young Adult historical mystery with a touch of young romance. Emma is a sixteen year old with ambitions for adventure in a time when women are expected to be seen and not heard.  In 1881 her family were still feelingContinue reading “Notebook Mysteries: Emma”


by J.S. Frankel Beginnings by J.S. Frankel is a teen/young adult urban fantasy novel, the first in The Nightmare Crew series. At the age of seventeen Paul Wiseman has been through numerous foster homes and has run away from the orphanage he never felt at home in. Living on the streets he is brutally attackedContinue reading “Beginnings”

The Witches of Vegas

by Mark Rosendorf The Witches of Vegas by Mark Rosendorf is a teen, young adult paranormal, urban fantasy novel that is a whirlwind of a read. Only in Vegas could you have a coven of witches and a vampire practice their powers in plain sight. The Witches of Vegas is a Sin-City show where theContinue reading “The Witches of Vegas”

Daylight Chasers

by Rue Sparks Daylight Chasers by Rue Sparks is an exquisite short story that contemplates the idea of a day that nearly never ends and the reasons behind why one would want a day to keep going so as not to see the sunrise again. It focuses on Isabella, a young woman who utters theContinue reading “Daylight Chasers”

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